Variable types of forklift attachments

forklift attachments

When it comes to buying forklift attachments there can be numerous variations for it.

In this article, we will help you to find out about the most common types of forklift attachments that are used in the industries. We will specify the exact need and use for these forklift items which will also help you to identify whether they can be used in your industry depending on the job it performs.

Types of forklift attachments-

Bale clamp attachment

Forklift bale clamps are the type of attachments that are standard for carrying any type of goods and items. Several industries are using it such as textiles, agriculture, paper, packaging, wool, and leather.

When you attach the bale clamp to a forklift it operates as efficient material handling equipment. It can be used for transporting goods and items from one part of the industrial premises to another. You can use it on an emergency basis too in case of an industrial trolley malfunction. The benefit is that it does not damage your product or goods during transit as it is considered one of the safest forklift attachments.

Drum clamp attachment

As the name suggests it is ideal for moving drums, tanks, large vessels, jars, bins, or even rounded containers. Of course within the industries handling the large drums that are filled with any fluid item is risky because of their sheer weight. And surely for this, you will need to rely on drum clamps depending on the shape and type each drum champ attachment can lift to one or several drums at once. Of course, the shape and dimension or even the weight of the drums do play a major factor as well. It is heavily used in the lubricant industry, oil industry, food industry, and pharma industry.

Paper clamp attachment

Here these types of forklift attachments Sydney work best for transporting and lifting heavy paper rolls. The various types of tasks that you can perform with this type of attachment include shifting. Loading, stacking and unloading heavy paper rolls or bundles.

As the name suggests these are in heavy use in the paper manufacturing industries. This is one of the most common types of forklift attachments that you can easily find from a shop itself. You do not even have to approach a forklift manufacturer.

Hook forklift attachments

The advantage of using the hook-type forklift attachments is that it is easy to use./ even you can easily dismantle the attachment. Any load item that can be suspended on the hook is good to go on these types of attachments. Depending on the quality these hooks can carry up to several tonnes of weight in one go. Hook forklift attachments are best for carrying any goods or load item while ensuring that it is suspended in the air with the help of secured slings that are hooked up.

Forklift jib attachments

The forklift job attachments carry out the same task as that of a hook forklift attachment. You see the main difference here is that the jib attachments can be used for transporting heavier and bulkier load items. Generally, these are used for major heavy-duty load carrying. Such types of attachments are mostly found in heavy-duty cranes.

Rotational forklift attachments

These are the attachments that are used in the food, pains, and chemical industry mostly. These attachments have support arms that carry the load item and these can be rotated using manual button controls to rotate, tilt, lift or suspend an item. Within the food industry, these types of attachments can be easily used for rotating food cans, food pallets, and food crates.