Wall paintings that can completely change the look of your interiors

Wall paintings that can completely change the look of your interiors
Wall paintings that can completely change the look of your interiors

There are some symbols that are known to attract positive vibes and make your life better. One of such symbols is the “The Tree of Life”. The Tree of Life symbolizes personal growth, strength, and beauty. It represents the uniqueness of each person and the will to grow stronger and better. There are a lot of ways you can include the tree of life in your home décor. Let us take a look at a few ways to make this tree a part of your home in a stylish way.

Painting on the wall

The best way is to include the tree of life to have a robust painting on the wall. You can have different interpretations of the tree of life and paint the one that suits your home and personality. A tree wall painting can add whimsy to a room. The extent of detailing is up to you and the colour along with the colour of the wall can make a great impression. The inclusion of colours and textures in the furniture to match your walls ties the room together and ensures that it looks like one cohesive unit.

Bedroom shapes and colours

If you are looking to make your bedroom better with more colours and shapes, you can consider settling on colour and using shades of the same colour to brighten up your bedroom. The headboard you are using makes an impact on the surrounding wall and they should be in sync. Bedroom colours should be lighter to reflect more sunlight and the wall with the headboard can be darker.

Light fixtures and artefacts

If you plan to get a painting done on the wall, you can get light fixtures that match your theme. If you are looking to create a centrepiece for the living area wall, you can consider a metal tree of life. A chandelier as the tree of life can look great as well. Table lamps, floor lamps, patterned lampshades, and other fixtures that enhance your theme subtly look great with solid paint on walls.

Moss frames

Moss frames are the new thing after the vertical garden and indoor plants. These are frames that have a medium of growth and have moss growing in the frame. These can be hung like paintings wherever you deem fit. They can add textures to your plain walls and can be a part of the tree of life that is coming to life from your walls. 

Kids’ bedroom

If you are planning to paint or put up the tree of life in your kids’ bedroom, you can consider using a brighter and more attractive version of it to keep the kids amused. The tree of life can be in an animated or illustrated form to make it appealing for the children as well. This can be a positive experience for the kids as well.

Paintings of Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is an inspiration that has compelled many artists to create masterpieces. These can be hung in the living area of different interpretations and can be hung all over the house to create a pattern.

The impact of this symbol on the vibes of the house is huge and you can give it a go using the tips given above!