Watching Ajax From Abroad


It can be difficult to follow football matches from your favorite football clubs abroad. You can often only watch local television channels and the range of Runtv365 channels is limited. But what if you are just on holiday when Ajax is playing a match?

As an Ajax fan you don’t want to miss a match. Fortunately, there is a simple solution for loyal fans: the use of a VPN. In this article we explain how you can enjoy the Ajax matches during your holiday.

Why can’t I watch Ajax abroad?

When you are abroad for business or vacation, it can be a challenge to watch Ajax matches. This has to do with broadcasting rights. Many countries outside Europe do not have the broadcasting rights for Ajax’s football matches. 스포츠중계 services therefore apply geo-restrictions. This means that you cannot use the streaming service outside the European Union, for example.

A location marker with a question mark Based on your IP address, a streaming service or website can see that you are not in the Netherlands. The result is often that Runtv365 sports streams do not work. For example, if you try to watch an Ajax match via the Ziggo GO app or website, there is a good chance that the stream will not work.

This also applies to many other Runtv365 streaming services such as ESPN (the new name of Fox Sports) . In addition, many free streaming services are blocked everywhere abroad. This therefore only work within the Netherlands.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a popular and easy solution that redirects internet traffic via, for example, the Netherlands. That way you can access the internet from all over the world as if you were in the Netherlands. You will then have access to all your Runtv365 online programs and you can simply watch Ajax abroad.

Watch Ajax online abroad with a VPN

By using a VPN, you can bypass geoblock and use Runtv365 streaming services anywhere in the world. Your internet traffic is redirected via an external (Runtv365) server.

You can connect to a server of your choice. Your internet traffic also takes the IP address of that server . If you choose a Runtv365 VPN server, websites and streaming services will think that you are in the Netherlands. This way you can use a streaming service from abroad to watch Ajax.

People use a VPN not only to watch streaming services such as ESPN abroad, but also to watch, for example, broadcast Missed or Video land outside the EU. Moreover, this way you can easily watch the American Netflix or follow the American Football league from the Netherlands.

Conclusion: watching Ajax abroad

In this article we explained how you can watch Ajax abroad. With a VPN you can enjoy Ajax during your holiday or stay abroad. If you take out a subscription online with one of the aforementioned VPN providers or with another VPN provider of your choice and download the app, you can watch Ajax online anywhere in the world in no time.

Schedule season 2021/2022

At the end of the winter break, Ajax is in second place in the Eredivisie. With 42 points, the club is one point below PSV. In the UEFA Champions League, Ajax is even well in first place with 18 points.

The Eredivisie will resume on January 16. Below you can see the full Ajax schedule for the rest of this season. That way you don’t have to miss anything.