Water heater with water drain and Standard connection type in Commercial Plumber


How do you drain water from the boiler and not cause problems? Do you want to flood your neighbors or flood your apartment? I do not think so. Every tankage boiler should have a drain hole. Usually, it is closed with a cap. It does not fit pipes and hoses. As a rule, it is marked with a color, corresponding markings, and located under the heater. 

Features of water drainage from different boilers

We have so many ways to drain the water from a boiler. To find out which one is right for you, we suggest you consider them. You can get many professional plumbers in park city utah from our company. Regardless of the manufacturer of your water heater: Ariston, Terms, Electrocrolux, or another, the procedure is the same. They all have almost the same design, and the only difference is in the quality of design, material, and function.

But each model has subtleties that you need to know, such as:

  • The presence of a drain hole;
  • Location of hot and cold water pipes;
  • Cover attachment method.

How to wash boiler at home

Horizontal and vertical boiler drain holes.

It is easy to drain water through it. It is sufficient to have a wrench of suitable diameter and a container for drainage. Just replace the container and open the cap. But what if there is no such hole? Or not opening the cap? Don’t give up; there are three more effective and easy ways to empty the boiler.

Drain through the safety valve

Drain the water without opening the pipe. Just lift the valve lever, as shown in the photo. If the boiler is not above the bath, you can put a thin hose on the tip. A dropper tube will also work.

When the boiler is connected correctly

The safety valve it’s excellent but slow. With it, you can quickly, and most importantly, safely drain liquids from water heaters. We have a skilled plumber in park city to give you the best plumbing service. It can be attached with a hose. Drain water directly into sewers or streets. Anyone with a section of 1/2 or 3/4 will do, depending on the diameter of the outlet. It is self-directed.

We twist the pipe

If amateurs are involved in installing your boiler, make sure they have not installed a safety valve or a tee, so to drain water from it, you need to equip yourself with a wrench. What to do: Turn off the cold water in the apartment;

Prepare a container large enough to drain the water; Slowly open the faucet or hose through which the hot water comes out of the boiler;

Remember. How many revolutions have you had to open the door?

After you drain the water from the boiler, you need to install the hose or faucet in your place. To do this, wrap the thread with fum tape against the direction. Take two or three turns. Then screw it into the water heater as many turns as it takes to open.