What Happens When You Don’t Pick Up Your Truck Rental in Dubai?


Dubai is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Middle East, and it’s not hard to see why. From its luxurious hotels to its over-the-top architecture, pick up rental dubai has so much to offer visitors looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. However, if you’re visiting Dubai on business or pleasure, you may find yourself needing a car rental from time to time to travel around between your different activities and outings during your trip.

Getting Informed

Each person who’s been involved in a car rental has to return their vehicle on time, so you’ll want to start by checking your contract for specific details about what will happen if you don’t pick up your rental in Dubai. If you have questions about when and where to return your vehicle, give your rental agent a call before picking up your car. Knowing all of these things ahead of time can help make everything go smoothly.

Planning Ahead

One of the main reasons tourists don’t pick up their rental car is because they didn’t plan ahead. Before you leave on your trip, make sure to find out whether there will be an additional fee for picking up your car late. This information is generally listed on a website or in a text-heavy email. Also, research different rental agencies to see if any of them offer an overnight option that will allow you to pick up and drop off at different times—this can save you money and headache later on.

Preparing Yourself

If you don’t pick up your car rental on time, expect to pay a hefty fine. If you’re not prepared to forfeit your deposit and will be picking up your car rental at a different location or at a later date, make sure that’s clearly stated when you make your reservation. It’s also good to double-check with rental location or sales representative that they have your documentation, passport and ID number, driver’s license and credit card on file so there are no hitches when it comes time to pick up your vehicle. Also, ask if they take some form of payment at their office (credit cards are preferred) should you arrive and forget cash for a deposit.

Pick Up Day

What happens if you don’t pick up your car rental on time, or at all? There are a few different scenarios, so read carefully to make sure you know exactly what will happen. The most common situation is when you miss a flight and your booked car rental is scheduled before or after your flight. In that case, there’s not much to worry about; just make it to the airport by 8am (for outbound flights) or 1pm (for incoming flights), and you should be fine.

Returning The Vehicle

This is an easy step if you’ve picked up your vehicle from one of many pickup locations throughout Dubai and you are returning it to a location closest to your hotel or residence. You must let Avis know which location you wish to return your vehicle to when reserving a car. If you fail to tell them, they will assume that you want to return it at their main offices at Sheikh Zayed Road near Gate No 4 of Deira City Centre. This is where I left my car once and it took me nearly 40 minutes on foot as there were no taxis around when I dropped off my car. The next time I rented from Avis, I chose another pickup point closer to where I was staying, saving me time and hassle!