What is the Difference between Kajal and Eye Liner?



Eye-makeup is the first step to master when you’re learning how to apply makeup, and most of the time, it is difficult to choose from the varieties of options present. One of the most common questions that have arisen a lot of times is about the difference between kajal and eyeliner? There are a lot of brands in India that manufacture both kajal and eyeliner.

Let’s compare them:

What is Kajal?

Kajal is a type of eye-makeup product used to outline the waterline of your eyes. It adds a nice depth and a sharp look to your eyelids while adding a nice, fuller look to your lashes. The term ‘kajal’ is derived from the Hindi language, and the same product is known as “Kohl” in the Arabic language.

Kajal is usually made out of organic ingredients like the juice extracted from trees and minerals like the juice of Monasha plant, Manjal karsilanganni, sandalwood, ghee, castor oil, grinding stibnite, etc. Hence, it has a lot of medicinal value which ensures that it is safe to apply inside your eyes. You can easily put kajal inside the rim or the waterline of your eyelids as it does not produce irritation or any other harmful effects.

It has a watery and creamy texture which makes it easy when applying in the lower eyelid as well as the upper eyelid. It also lends a very soothing feeling to your eyes, and many people from ancient times used this product to protect their eyes from infections and harmful sunrays. Therefore, kajal or kohl is used by both women and men on an everyday basis due to its medicinal value. There are many brands like Lakme kajal that offer premium quality products.

Pros of using Kajal

–        Its darker formula will give you an intense look.

–        It is easy to apply and control.

–        It is a good option to get smoky eyes.

–        It is natural and organic.

–     It prevents eye infections.

–        It has a creamy texture which allows it to glide smoothly.

–        It is easy to remove and is inexpensive.

Cons of using Kajal

–        It can get messy if not applied in the right way.

–        It can be difficult to find an authentic and natural brand.

What is Eyeliner?

Eyeliner is a type of eye-makeup product that is available in various forms. Its main purpose is to shape the eye line from outside the upper eyelid as well as from the lower eyelid. The eyeliner plays a major role in the overall makeup since it highlights the eyes from the outside. In other words, an eyeliner is used to contours the eyes.

Eyeliner helps in shaping as well as highlighting the eyes in several styles like normal shape style, winged shape style, smokey eyes style, tight eyeliner style, etc. You can also use your eyeliner to create different effects by choosing your desired style. This helps in creating a beautiful aesthetic effect on your eyes.

Thus, the purpose of eyeliner is to enhance the size as well as the shape of the eyes according to your wish. Unlike kajal which is worn by both men and women, eyeliner is usually worn by women only.

Eyeliners are available from various brands like Lakme in many forms, such as liquid, pencil, gel, and powder. All of these forms differ in their application and therefore you must be aware of the most suitable type according to your need.

Unlike kajal, eyeliner is not made from organic ingredients, so it usually has a harsher texture. The eyeliner options available in the market are:

  1.     Liquid Eyeliner

If you want a well-defined look, then this your go-to option. It is often considered the trickiest to use, but you cannot go back once you perfect the look.  


–        It doesn’t smudge easily when dry.

–        It gives a well-defined look that is perfect for cat eyes and other dramatic appearances.

–        It is highly pigmented, dark, and long-lasting.


–        Its application can be hard; you need to have a steady hand and lots of practice.

–        You cannot use this product for smokey eyes.

–        If you make a mistake while applying it, you have to erase it completely and start from scratch.

  1.     Gel Eyeliner

It is a favorite product of every makeup artist; the product is available in a pot with a thin brush for application.


–        It is not difficult to apply.

–        Its thin brush allows for precise lines.

–        It is highly pigmented, thus dark and long-lasting.

–        It is best for cat eyes and smokey eyes.


–        It can smudge if the eyelids are oily or sweaty.

–        It cannot be applied without a brush.

  1.     Sketch Eyeliner Pen

They are easy to apply and often give the effect of a gel liner.


–        You’ll have more control and can also apply it easily.

–        It is great for thick, thin, and precise lines.


–        It can be hard to remove.

–        It won’t always be dark, so it might need to be layered. 



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