What makes you sick and how you can prevent them naturally


Allergies are a type of irritation

 that causes a chemical reaction. Agents. Literally, it refers to a chemical substance Physical reactions to chemicals or foreign environments  The situation. Employees expressed anger or reaction to it called allergens. Allergens come in different variants. What does this mean? There are several types of skin allergy types. The human body produces a reaction Called an allergic reaction. We will bring better Common allergies that affect people.

Allergies – Most people experience an extremely runny nose

The small, semi-microscopic organ produces irritation to the nose imi they can go from clay houses to small pots And saw trees and flowers. People with symptoms The heaviest soil usually helps to neutralise you when debris is immediately absorbed.Nasal congestion Usually the nose is closed afterwards

Denied However, there are some permanent nostrils

Even if things are excessive. If she cries. Permanent, we think the type of skin allergy types reaction is permanent if you. The reaction (i.e., avoidance) takes some time. In some cases, people. Those with allergies have itchy eyes, a cold, or a sore throat; When exposed to dust. People are allergic to clay. Most recommend that you don’t have to have carpet in the bedroom and should, and much more

  • Whenever possible, avoid sidewalks or sidewalks.
  • Allergic skin – This type of allergy can be caused by a variety of allergies
  • Radio wave, liquid, aroma, food or display immediately
  • die. Mild forms of skin allergy include inflammation of the skin,
  • A change in the colour of the skin allergy types parts or irritation may appear
  • Special allergens. Often the side effect of an allergic reaction is
  • Increased itching and irritation on the edges of the skin. That’s good
  • Do not cover the skin if you have had an allergic reaction since
  • Bones can give way for bacterial infections, especially if you are present
  • Minor damage or fatigue resulting from the soap process. Leave it
  • Allergic skin effects can be cured
  • Corticosteroid use. However, if a person is allergic to this cream.
  • It is best to consult a dermatologist for appropriate medication and treatment.
  • People with sensitive skin allergy types and especially those with low melanin content
And their skin should be protected from direct sunlight.

Chemicals – The makeup of the human body is very different and unique Different reactions and chemicals occur at different levels. It will be so. They are tired of trying to list all the chemicals that can cause allergies in the body. This chemical reaction is a small group of chemicals. The most common cause is sk Allergy. Left to right. Many people experience back allergies (e.g., wild, crab,Etc.), some are skin allergy types to meat, others are allergic to tomatoes. Or red food. For those with tomato allergies and more. The colour of the food is the same, the chemical is the cause of the allergen. That makes food red. It can be easy. Others are often ignored. Chemical allergies are allergies to alcohol and alcohol. Again, we are

It should be noted that allergic reactions can vary. Answer

It may just be skin colour, itching on the edges. The body, or in severe cases, can die, especially if allergic. Removed outside the scope of individual acceptance. The best advice for patients is to avoid the substance or not. The environment to which they are allergic. However, other sponsors can help.

There are many supplements that reduce allergies. Fresh

Studies have shown that bromelain, bioflavonoids, calcium and magnesium. Licorice helps reduce the effects of skin allergy types. Quercetin is a bioflavonoid. And found strawberries. It controls the amount of histamine to help iTo reduce the severity of an allergic reacti