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We bring you a compilation of nine tools to identify songs , and that allow you to know the name of the song that is playing. We are going to offer you both mobile and computer applications and web pages, so that regardless of where you are you can always identify your songs.

Imagine that you are in the office and a song is playing on the radio in the background, or that you are in a local and they play music that you end up liking, or even that it is a song that is playing in an advertisement or you only have it in your mind and you can hum. For all these occasions, these applications can help you name the song and be able to listen to it as many times as you want.

Possibly one of the best and most well-known music

 recognition applications that you can find, so much so that even Apple itself decided to buy it at the end of 2017. Despite this purchase, the application is still available for both Android and Android Wear, in addition of all Apple operating systems.

All you have to do is open the app and hit the listen button. Shazam will recognize the music even if there is background noise , and once it has recognized it, it will point directly to Apple Music to listen to it. It also allows you to open the song in Spotify, generating a playlist of your discoveries there, or share it with other people.

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Possibly, on your mobile you do not even need to install music recognition applications. Both Google Assistant and Siri have recognition systems to know what song is playing. It will be enough to ask what is playing , although the options that they will offer you later are not as many or as complete as some other third-party applications.Along with Shazam, this is another of the great music recognition applications that you can download to your mobile. Overall, it’s just as good at identifying songs , and it also offers various options like showing you the lyrics of the best lyrics website or adding them to a Spotify playlist.

However, this app has a very particular advantage,

and that is that it also recognizes songs when you hum them . In this way, if you have a song in your head but you can’t find it to play it, you can always resort to the classic humming.It is a mobile application that is only available on Android, and that simplifies the process to the maximum with a minimal interface . It uses the ACRCloud recognition engine for companies , and when it recognizes the song, it allows you to listen to it in its entirety from YouTube as well as from Deezer, Spotify and others. It includes a party mode that uses the camera’s flash to the rhythm of the music, and saves the history of songs found. The app is free and with ads.Midori became SoundHound in 2010, but while this second brand is used in its applications, its official website is still online and under the old name. In it you are going to use your computer’s microphone to hum, whistle or make the browser listen to a fragment of the song that you want to identify.