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What Questions Parents Ask While Taking School Admissions in Preschool?



Good News for parents! The government has given a go-ahead to reopen preschools but has advised adopting robust health and safety frameworks to bring children back without risk to them or the larger community.

Reopening of Preschool School is essential as kids are missing their basic education. The first five years of a child are milestones for social-emotional and cognitive development. It is a critical year of learning experiences and stimulation of the environment which can have a long-term influence on children. 

Preschool School admission also has begun but parents still have a fear of letting their child go to preschool but here are a few tips to be followed to resolve fear issues.

Best CBSE Schools in Pune Suggests Parents to Enquire About All These Things While Taking Admission 

Maintenance of Hygiene

Check if the Preschool School is adopting proper hygiene of premises, staff members are following proper safety rules and regulations to reduce exposure to the children and others within the school. Hygienic environment, deep cleaning, and daily sanitization of each and every section of premises, toys, preschool assets etc is the only way to avoid risk and keep children safe.

Strict Centre Access Policy

Check if the school follows a strict centre access policy such as temperature checks, hand sanitization before entering the premises. Compulsory wearing of masks should be abided by all. The classroom entry needs to be strictly restricted to only children and the school staff.

Self Declaration Form

Check if the preschool has the details of their staff and parents self-declaration form to determine their travel history. Check if the preschool has 100% vaccination of their staff and the list is shown to parents.

It is very difficult for preschoolers to sit in one place so preschools must create the appropriate environment that will help children abide by all the rules to the best of their ability.

Here are the following set of questions that parents should ask during  a preschool admission or admission to the Best CBSE Schools in Pune.

Parents should be rest assured that preschool authorities will take care of their little ones and there is emerging evidence that also suggests that children are more likely to be asymptomatic, less likely to be hospitalized. However there are a few things that parents need to be careful about.

Parents Responsibility


The COVID-19 pandemic had created hurdles in the learning of kids but now they don’t have to face any difficulties in accessing preschool resources and connectivity. It is essential that parents and Preschool schools should continue joining efforts to allow the safe reopening of child care and preschool centers even in an imperfect scenario.

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