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Which Jumbo Braiding Hair Is Best For Box Braids?


The best jumbo braiding hair for box braids

Having a new hairstyle requires patience, time, and dedication to achieve the perfect look. With the right braiding hair, you can rock the latest box braid hairstyle with ease!

So, we’ve rounded up the best selection of braiding hair for box braids so you don’t have to scour the internet for the one that’s right for you.

Continue scrolling to get your hands on the best box braids from renowned hair companies that are known for their signature jumbo braiding hair extensions.

  1. Dorsanee Pre-Stretched Professional Braiding Hair

Pre-stretched jumbo braiding hair

This hair is not only pre-stretched but also pre-cut and layered, which saves time while braiding. 

If you are looking for something convenient, then give this braiding hair a shot! It comes pre-stretched, pre-feathered, pre-cut, and layered hair, saving you a lot of time braiding!

They’re flame-retardant, sweat-resistant, long-lasting, and can be styled with hot water, just like any decent synthetic hair extensions. 

There are 12 colors and styles to pick from, including single color, ombre, and multicolored hair extensions. 

  1. Hair Factory, Afro Curly Bulk

Hair Factory’s Afro Curly Bulk jumbo braiding hair

The brand-new Afro Curly Bulk from Hair Factory is one of the most popular braiding hair on our list!

This jumbo braiding hair is made entirely of human hair. The Afro Curly Bulk is very soft to the touch and will not cause any damage from the friction to your fingers while installing the box braids. 

The signature afro curl makes it very easy to create styles like 2-strand twist, micro and box braids, or dreadlocks. It’s the ideal way to experiment with your look.

You can also get an Afro Curly Bulk 2-piece bundle deal if you need more hair or length! 

  1. 3. X-pression Premium Original Ultra Box Braid Extensions

Jumbo braiding hair recommended by professionals

Most hairdressers recommend it as their go-to hair extensions brand for box braiding because of the good quality and affordable price tag. 

You can do your own box braids with this very light and brushable jumbo braiding hair. There are no burnt plastic or other unpleasant odors during the installation process. 

They come in three-pack bundles, but you can also get a single pack. A pack and a half are usually enough to get your desired style for box braids. 

  1. XCHSLB Crochet Box Braids Hair

The lightweight jumbo braiding hair

XCHSLB is a well-known brand that has been manufacturing hair extensions for over a decade. These kanekalon jumbo braiding hair are pre-looped which makes crocheting them easy!

While these synthetic kanekalon fibers are great for box braids; they are on a costly side. These are pre-braided crochet hair exclusively created for box braids and not standard hair extensions. 

The plus side is that these braiding hair don’t need to be dipped once placed because they have very soft ends.

Each pack contains 20 lightweight braids, although a full head of box braids may require more than one pack. 

The advantage of these crochet braids to make the box braids style is that they last far longer than other hair extensions, lasting anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. 

They don’t take much maintenance, though your natural hair will need to be conditioned regularly.

  1. Ronsaen Box Braids Crochet Hair

The Kanekalon jumbo braiding hair

This Crochet Hair is a set of seven Kanekalon synthetic fiber crochet braids hand-crafted and pre-looped, making them perfect for box braid hairstyles. 

They have a tidy and tight top, a strong cuticle hold, and a bouncy, healthy appearance, making your jumbo braiding hair appear fuller.

If you are looking for pre-stretched kanekalon jumbo braiding hair, then this hair brand is for you!

Choosing the Best Hair for Box Braids

Choosing the best jumbo braiding hair

It can be challenging to find the right braiding hair for your box braids because there are so many options to choose from. 

Keep the following points in mind to make your shopping selection a little easier. But, it is always best to go with human jumbo braiding hair so that you can color and dye them as you desire without any hair damage.

It may be a bit pricey, but you’ll notice a significant change in your hair and box braids’ look, feel, and texture. 

Keep these following tips in mind once you’ve found the perfect braiding hair.

  1. It is far easier to work if you have long hair because it gives you complete control over the length of the box braids.
  1. If you’ve never had box braids before with jumbo braiding hair, it’s best to have them done by a professional at a salon.
  1. Before installing your jumbo braiding hair, brush and fluff them out until the hair is flowing freely. 

You can also use hair sprays to make your braids more manageable and add a healthy sheen. 

  1. Box braids are a protective hairstyle, so go easy on the heat treatments. Braid your hair loosely, especially at the base, to avoid damaging your roots. 

Use the half-moon technique to split the roots rather than square boxes like bricks to achieve more polished-looking box braids.

  1. To keep the flyaways in place and the jumbo braiding hair together, use a hair gel or similar product that helps you fight the frizz. 

If you’re cutting off hair strands or burning the ends, start below the point where your natural hair ends to avoid irreversible harm to your natural hair. 

Keep a cloth or two ready to help with the dipping and sealing of the ends.

Things To Consider While Purchasing Jumbo Braiding Hair For Box Braids!

  1. Weight

Box braids place a significant amount of stress on your scalp and roots. You should choose jumbo braiding hair that does not add to the weight on your head. 

So, choose hair based on the desired thickness of your braids and the length of time you want to wear them.

  1. Durability

Most braids are reusable, so read the reviews and user testimonials to see whether the one you purchase will give you enough satisfaction.

  1. Material

The most important thing to consider is whether the material is good for the type of style you intend to create. 

If you use heat to style your hair, heat-resistant fiber with tangle-free and frizz-free jumbo braiding hair would be perfect.

  1. Cost

Consider your budget before purchasing your favorite jumbo braiding hair, just like you would while making any other purchase. 

While most of them are usually low priced, you should consider whether your preferred option is a wise investment.


Even though braiding hair takes some time to complete, box braids are worth it because they are protective and low maintenance!

You can have a fresh version of the box braid hairstyle every month because they offer a lot of customization options!

Use this list and tips above to find the perfect jumbo braiding hair for you, then schedule a salon appointment to get your box braids installed right away!



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