Who Is Diana Lovejoy? Why Was She Imprisoned? (New Revelations)

Who Is Diana Lovejoy? Why Was She Imprisoned? (New Revelations)
Who Is Diana Lovejoy? Why Was She Imprisoned? (New Revelations)

Diana Lovejoy was born in the United States on the 26th of October, 1972. She is about 49 years old now, and she is also a former American fitness instructor and a coach.

She completed her primary education at mountain view high school in California and further graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Literature, Psychology, Music, and French from the University of California, San Diego.

The woman got many job opportunities in different companies such as Nokia, where she was appointed as a lead documentation specialist while completing her University.

After her graduation, she worked at Nokia for four years and later on joined a software company. She quit her job and pursued a fitness business in 2008. 

Diana Lovejoy also used to participate in the triathlon, and she was a YouTuber who used to make videos on ready-to-eat quick and healthy meals.

She is very popular for the murder attempt on her husband. Currently, she was sent to the Chowsilla’s women’s prison serving 26 years of imprisonment on the charge of murder and attempt to murder.

After this case, Diana became very popular. It was the most terrible case in attempting to murder where that wife was trying to kill her son’s father named Greg Mulvihill, who fortunately survived the gunshot.

Read the article to know more information about the murder case and what had happened to Diana after the punishment.

Background Story Of Diana Lovejoy And Greg Mulvihill

Diana Lovejoy and Greg Mulvihill were married in 2007 in a private wedding ceremony. Greg often visited California for tech work and met Diana Lovejoy on a dating site in 2005. 

And he knew that his future wife would shoot him. Like the typical new couple, they both lived happy life. The two bought a beautiful house in Carlsbad.

After some years passed, the situation between the couples got worse than ever because of Diana’s eight miscarriages.

After eight failures, the couple was blessed with a child, but things were over between them until then. In 2014, they filed a case that lasted for two years. Finally, the case was solved, and the child’s custody was handed over to Diana Lovejoy.

What Happened To The Case?

Diana Lovejoy was charged with the attempt to murder her husband on Monday, the 13th of November, 2017. Fortunately, the bullet did not pass through the heart when Diana shot him in the torso.

The court ordered her to share the custody of her son with a monthly $100 for her child’s support. Diana couldn’t give this amount, so she decided to kill Greg with the assistance of her gun instructor, who was her boyfriend as well known as Weldon McDavid Jr.

Weldon McDavid Jr served in the U.S. marine for 12 years and trained Diano in some shooting skills. He also installed the security system in her house. 

Greg, along with his friend Jason, was once walking on the dirt road to Avenida Soledade. Fortunately, Greg survived the gunshot from McDavid as the bullet couldn’t damage the heart from the torso.

Jason told the police about the incident when Greg was taken to the hospital. He told them it was 11 pm when they walked down the street when the gunshot incident happened. 

The police wanted to know what could be the reason for Greg being shot. Later, the police, after some investigation, found that Greg was in the middle of a court case related to his divorce and his son’s custody.

The police asked the reason for the late-night walk on the street, so Jason told them that Greg received a call from an investigator claiming that he had grabbed some evidence and he would give Greg one chance to have a glimpse of it. Just once. 

Jason further said that Greg informed him about the call and seemed concerned, so he asked him to join him. Then both were on their way to check on the evidence, but a brutal incident happened with Greg.

Reports further came out in the court that Diana Lovejoy forced McDavid to tell her that her husband abused her sexually and molested her son. Later it was found that he was given $2000 to say this in court.

The court overturned their decision and gave complete custody to Greg Mulvihill. Diana was allowed to visit her son once a week for 10 hours only. 

Later on, she had to sell Encinitas to pay $120,000 to her ex-husband from the house in Carlsbad she had to keep before. 

At the moment in the court, Diana Lovejoy’s aunt Diana Clark came to tell the court what Lovejoy once asked her. Lovejoy asked her aunt if she knew anyone who could scare or kill Greg. One of the jurors told the judge that this was the most crucial point to be noted.

After listening to all the things and having the evidence in front of the judge, the court found both Diana Lovejoy and McDavid guilty. Diana was imprisoned for 26 years, while McDavid was imprisoned for 56 years.

As the court gave the punishments, Diana Lovejoy cried and fainted. Judge Sim von Kalinowski immediately ordered everyone to be escorted from the court so that Diana could be given medical care.

Where Is Diana Lovejoy Now?

She was imprisoned at the age of 44 and was finally found guilty of the attempt to murder the case of her ex-husband. She was sent to Chowchillla’s Women’s prison, and she still remains to be there for the rest of her punishment which is for 26 years. 

What Is The Net Worth Of Diana Lovejoy

There are no reports or information related to the overall current income or her net worth but, well will post this soon.


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