Who Is Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr. – A “Definite Plus”?



Everything is going well for Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr. who is often referred to as Deuce Tatum. He is day by day becoming a supposed NBA star by supporting his father in the form of his biggest fan.

The charming son is now pranking his father’s teammates and having a time of his life. 

Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr. aka Deuce Tatum

Deuce is never seen too far from his father’s bench. He can be seen everywhere with his father and his team, celebrating their victories. At the time of this writing, the Bolton Celtics’ recent victory over the Heat in Miami brought him forward in the locker room. The game stood 127-102 at the end bell.

This win brought the Celtics at a game apiece at the finals of the Eastern Conference. Deuce was seen giving high fives to the entire locker room. The four-year-old also spent time with Jaylen Brown and looked like a natural part of the locker room, himself. 

This big win of game 2 also showed a cute little side to the duo’s relationship

“Deuce” Tatum 

Soon to be five-year-old this year, Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr. was born on 7th December 2017. He is the son of the famous NBA player Jayson Tatum Sr. and his girlfriend at the time, Toriah Latchell. He is most often referred to by his nickname Deuce.

Although Deuce’s parents used to date in high school, they aren’t together anymore, his father tries to be an active one and plays a positive role in his child’s upbringing. They spend much time together which is also evident as Jayson Tatum uploads many memories onto his social media account. 

Deuce Tatum Acting As a Lucky Charm

The team’s loss showed how resilient it was after handling them quite professionally. It was also very impressive to see them rebounding at their opponents and doing right what they did wrong in just the previous game.

The Boston Celtics proved they learned from their mistakes.

But leading the team from the front has been Jayson Tatum. He is averaging more than 30 points in the season and has responded to his team’s losses like a champ after every game and post season. 

Deuce Tatum has been touted as being the team’s lucky charm. He had already won the hearts of fans and audiences alike when he appeared on Boston’s postgame conference versus the Milwaukee Bucks.

The internet absolutely adored the four-year-old. But Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr. was well known for his apparent appearances with his father.

Jayson Tatum’s Son Stealing the Show

At such a little age, the Celtics’ star son is looking like a prodigy. He has become what the team needed and the team is now eyeing their championship since their previous one which happened in 2007-08.

Deuce is the luck they needed. When he didn’t show up at Game 1, Miami thrashed his father’s team. As if the team was down and needed his presence, he made sure to be there this past Thursday, when his father’s time tied the series at one-one. 

The youngest MVP met stars of the team and locker room and had quite some words with them. The father and son played a prank on Grant Williams, which was widely covered due to obvious reasons which showed they both maybe share the same sense of humor. 

Deuce also had a time of his life when he was in Miami. He missed the pool over there and had fun with his father. 

Jayson Tatum Junior’s Mother

Although much spotlight is given to Deuce and his star father, some is taken away from his star father’s baby mama. Toriah Lachell went to Chaminade College Preparatory School along with Jayson Tatum in Creve Coeur, Missouri.

It was there in their high school days that both the couple had a relationship and fell for each other. Very soon, Toriah became pregnant with Jayson’s child while Jayson Tatum was still in his rookie phase in the NBA.

Toriah Lachell gave birth to Jayson “Deuce” Christopher Tatum Jr. on 7th December 2017. Jayson Tatum was only 19 years old at the time. The couple has now parted ways, both of them heading for their own personal lives.

Jayson Tatum’s Other Relationships

It is unclear who Jayson is dating right now. After splitting with his high school sweetheart, he was linked with a couple of high-buzz women. 

He was paired with the English singer and songwriter, Ella Mai. Ella Mai has been nominated for three Grammys over her career out of which she has won one in 2018. It isn’t known when he broke up with her.

He was again then paired with the famous Elite Model Management model, Bella B. Bella B was also once with the famous rapper Drake. 

It is unclear who he is if he is with at the present moment. 

Deuce Tatum’s Future Outlook

The future looks quite clear till now. Deuce Tatum is probably the biggest supporter of his father and can many times be spotted on the sidelines. He was also on the sidelines of the entire playoffs.

After his viral video, his father retweeted with the following caption: “Nothing better than this dad s***”. 

Deuce is now looking at media and press duties, as he surely enjoys carrying them out for his father and his team. His father had this to say regarding his son’s participation:

“It’s cool and he enjoys it. Every Time he comes to a home game, people cheer when they see him. They scream his name when he comes to games on the road and here at All-Star. He has his own personality.”

Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr. A “Definite Plus”

Deuce is very much excited being around the NBA and all the star names. His father further added that he thinks it’s nice that his son can witness his career from a very early age.

Jayson feels proud that as his son is growing up and getting older, he will remember things from his time spent at the locker room and around the team.

He will surely remember all the time he spends with his father as he is growing up to be a major fan of his father. His father thinks it’s “definitely a plus” that he’s witnessing all that he is and having him around.

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