Who is Welvin Harris And Welven Da Great dead 

Who is Welvin Harris And Welven Da Great dead ?
Who is Welvin Harris And Welven Da Great dead ?

Rumours of falsehood have surfaced in the hope there is a possibility Welven Da Great is dead. This is the fake social media story dispelled.

It’s not long before false news to be posted via social media. People frequently fall victim to false death rumors.

Online influencers and celebrities are attacked by fake news and death hoaxes on a regular basis..

Who is wolven da Great ?

Welvin Harris, better known as Welven Da Great, has been described as an internet influencer and social media guru.

He gained fame due to the ‘DeezNuts’ comedy sketch. Since then, he’s been gaining a lot of attention and has a huge social media following.

Welvin is a popular Instagram user with a base of 108k on Instagram. On his account, he posts lots of photos with famous people, like DJ Khaled and Amber Rose.

Additionally, he’d frequently send out pictures to his fans, and it seems like his following is growing each day.


The rumors are untrue as Welven Da Great has not dead..

This is confirmed in a recent appearance by Welvin On World Star where Welvin is clearly healthy and alive. The person who spoke in the video urged others on social media to “stop harassing” the Internet celebrity and stop the fake news reports.

This summer on social media, a users @1toneowilliams dispelled a second false report concerning Welven Da Great.

In the meantime there was a death hoax that started around Welvin after an obituary was published in DeadDeath and that’s why some of his fans have shared fake story through social platforms.


It wasn’t long before people to spread false information on social media. And, obviously, a lot of users were left in shock.

One person has said: “WELVEN DA GREAT is not dead. Two posts that were tagged yesterday. A when it comes to Internet sensations There are a lot of the ones that bring us to laughter. Imagine what it is like to go onto Instagram and not look up Desi Banks or B. Simone and the many other celebrities. The timeline didn’t strike as the way it did. 

It seemed like one of our favorite videos could be a reality once it was Welven Da Great. Many of us are familiar with his hilarious videos, where he uses his famous catchy phrase “Got Em.” Rumors began to surface this week that the comedian was dead to the grave and left his fans wondering if they could believe they were right. There were death rumors, but also a video was released that showed him in a train station Downtown Los Angeles that had fans worried about whether he was homeless.


This morning Welven as well as his brother were online and recorded an Instagram video that put the doubts to the dust. In the video, which was posted through Instagram, welven declares, “I’m alive, and I’m fine.” And his cousin was quick to lay out the websites that were publishing the false information. She stated, “I wish that these blogs would cease to exist with the rumors of Welven’s death.. He’s alive and well.

 Welven lives with a loved one who is devoted to him and loves the man.” She added,” I wish you people would be quiet and stop scolding him on the areas.” His friend assured him his family members who love him and is willing to take good care of him, however the boy prefers to walk around and around in the streets.


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