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Why Raised Flooring is a Necessity for Dubai


When you’re discussing office buildings in Dubai, it’s easy to assume that the same requirements apply across the board. While this Raised flooring be true in many aspects, one area where Dubai’s climate really makes itself known is in the advantages of raised flooring services. When you’re considering how to build or renovate your office space, make sure you include raised flooring services among your must-haves! Check out our list of 5 reasons why raised flooring will benefit you and your business in Dubai below.

Benefits of raised flooring

There are numerous benefits to raising your flooring, such as increased airflow and natural light in your office spaces, as well as greater flexibility to reconfigure or reconfigure existing spaces. If you’re considering getting raised flooring for your office space, now is a great time to do so. After all, many companies are choosing to incorporate it into their new offices because of its numerous benefits. Are you ready to benefit from raised flooring yourself? For more information about our services, contact us today!

Types of raised floors available

There are three main types of raised flooring. They are, as follows: Steel platforms – The structure of these raised floors is made from steel, which makes them lightweight and easy to install. All they need to be fixed in place is concrete slabs underneath. Pre-cast concrete – These floors are made using pre-cast concrete and are particularly easy to assemble. They can be prefabricated and erected on site without too much difficulty, making them an ideal choice when you want to set up a new facility quickly. Concrete slabs – These slabs come in various designs and thicknesses; they can even accommodate power or lighting cables if necessary.

How raised floors are installed

It’s important to remember that, though they can look very different, raised floors are all similar in some ways. First, they’re usually made of concrete or solid wood and covered with tiles or sheet metal. Next, each floor of your building should have four things: cable trays to run wires through and let cables lie flat (which also means you don’t need holes in your walls), fireproof material to protect people from smoke and flames if there’s a fire on one floor but not another (flammable materials such as fiberglass or foam aren’t allowed), air conditioning ducts to keep conditioned air circulating throughout, and conduits for power and phone lines.

Tips on maintaining your raised floors

Hire professionals to do your raised flooring installations in Dubai, and you’ll get custom designs that are tailored to your needs. A professional will also offer a variety of installation methods and materials, providing options based on your budget, goals, and desired end result. Professionals can help you save time by offering turnkey solutions that include installation as well as other custom features such as cable management, underfloor heating systems, power outlets and more. Don’t let messy floors ruin your day; contact us at Floorpro today to learn more about why we are Dubai’s best choice for professional raised flooring solutions!

Advantages of professionally designed and installed raised floors

Let’s start by talking about why you should be considering raised floor in your commercial project. More and more companies are choosing to install raised floors over traditional open air environments when installing office spaces, data centers, or other types of commercial applications that require high performance, reliable computing power and networking equipment. Installing raised floors in your data center can save time and money while improving cooling efficiency. There are a number of key advantages to consider if you are thinking about raising flooring in Dubai, or any other city in UAE