Why the Biggest “Myth” About Disco Jokey


We have been a DJ and studied the art of turntablism for a decade. So we have detected lots of misconceptions about what it means to be a DJ in Delhi. 

Honestly, it hurts in person that folks consider inbound ways in which bash on being a DJ in Faridabad. It’s a remarkable sort that continues to be pushed by others who wish to push the culture forward. 

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  • MYTH: All DJs only play songs 

This is far and away from the highest stereotype that folks consider after they see a DJ. I mean yes, you wish to press play so as for the song to begin, that’s simply good judgment, however, there’s a lot of thereto.

The everyday factor with turntablism is scratching. DJs don’t scratch all the time, doing that becomes annoying to the ear. It merely adds percussion, a minimum of on behalf of me, and it brings one thing unaccustomed to the table that brings excitement.

  • MYTH: Anyone will screw

No, not simply anyone will screw. It takes dedication to essentially learn the art of being a DJ. Of course, anybody can purchase DJ instrumentality, however, it’s essentially a business to be a DJ. A bit like the other job.

Furthermore, what folks don’t understand is that being a DJ will be quite exhausting. Particularly on nights wherever folks are a unit extraordinarily intoxicated, they get enterprising.

  • MYTH: DJs aren’t Musicians

On the contrary, folks have used the art of turntablism to use their gear as instruments. Lots of DJs have pushed the culture forward in Djing and incorporated fascinating skills for competitive or enjoying at clubs

Folks will take notes of a song and play it as an instrument. If that’s not musician worthy, I dare anyone to inform each world DJ champion that they’re not a musician. Also, DJs’ knowledge to create folks’ feel. We tend to area unit music specialists that have the information to form expertise that Spotify cannot do.

  • MYTH: DJs Have each Song and might transfer it quickly

We aren’t the God of Music or a station. Folks got to understand that not all DJs have each song. There is a unit such a large amount of songs that area unit out there within the world, nobody will expect that we can transfer every one among them.

Whereas shadowing him, folks would demand him to transfer a bunch of songs once he told them that he’s victimization strictly vinyl, nonetheless, they still wouldn’t latch on. It’s unhappy to mention the smallest amount.

  • MYTH: DJs bit Random Things like Knobs

While we tend to do bit knobs and buttons, it’s not for show. Once transitioning into another track, particularly if it’s progressive house, it’s suggested to chop off the low finish of the song you’re attempting to transition by turning down the low equalizer knob and then slowly bringing to an end the opposite song’s low equalizer.

At the top of the day, being a DJ is like every different job, a job. We tend to area unit still folks, nobody is entitled to something, and we simply hope the DJ culture continues to push boundaries yet destroy stereotypes. We hope the folks that have to browse this have a bigger understanding of what it means to be a DJ.


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