Women’s ring size guide for purchasing jewellery online


Online shopping has made everything so comfortable that we now rarely need to leave the comfort of our homes for anything. But when it comes to buying something that requires a correct size fit, people still do get anxious while purchasing it online. Rings for example. Most jewellery store websites do offer a ring size guide that makes it easier for men and women to determine their ring size.

Understanding the women’s ring size guide

Ring sizing or scaling, as it is called, is different across countries. The measuring systems are different which might make it confusing for some when it comes to comparison. So usually an international size guide is most helpful so you can understand the sizes better looking at one chart itself. Countries like United States of America and Canada has quarter and half ring sizes. The size increases by single size with every .032 inch increase in the diameter of the ring. Ring scaling in Europe is based on the internal and outer circumference of the ring. Western countries follow one metric system and Eastern (Asian) follow another. So it is all different and overwhelming.

There is an official international ring chart that helps you with conversions according to the size guide in your country if you wish to purchase engagement ring London.

The ring sizes usually begin from 14mm in diameter up to 22.6mm. The smallest sizes are meant for children’s fingers ranging from the age 5 to 12. Post that the adult sizes begin. You can also get a ring size custom-made using different measurement techniques, if your finger is larger, stubbier of thinner than the mentioned sizes in the size chart.

How to measure your ring size?

If you’re shopping online for finger rings, you need to double check your ring size because wearing isn’t an option, but you still need to be sure. There are a few tried and tested methods to see which size would perfectly fit you. Although nothing is fool proof because the charts differ from store to store, they do give a fairly correct estimate usually about the ring size. There are two commonly used methods to measure the ring size.

  1. Placing a ring on the size chart

This is the easiest technique. If you already have a ring that fits you perfectly, just place it on the size chart and see which size it fits. Since the charts have diagrams that are life-sized, you will end up finding your correct size very easily.

  • Use a string

Use a thing string to wrap around your finger and mark the point where the ends meet correctly. Then use a ruler to see the measurement of the string in millimetres. Check the measurement with the ring size chart and you have your size. You could also use a floss for this purpose.

Online shopping is a little tricky and like mentioned before, you can never be too sure. Also, size is not the only concern when it comes to jewellery. It also helps to check the quality of the stones, shine of the band, etc. in person. Some stores use Lab grown diamonds UK, so you need to find out in advance in case you want to purchase an organic diamond. Be careful while buying a piece of jewellery as a lot of money goes into buying one.