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Snap Downloader:

SnapDownloader is one of the best YouTube MP3 converters for Windows and Mac OS. It allows you to convert your favorite YouTube videos to high quality MP3 with just a few clicks and save them on any device for later listening, even offline. In addition to converting videos to audio formats, the platform also helps you download videos in 8K, 4K, 1080p, 780p and more resolutions.

That being said, SnapDownloared lets you convert videos from 900+ websites including YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Reddit, Facebook, Coub, Twitch, and many more. The tool also helps you crop specific part of YouTube video and convert it to audio files. In addition, you can easily download YouTube channels, chapters, VR movies and 3D movies.

In addition, multiple videos can be converted at the same time to save time with the batch upload function. In addition, it has a clear and easy-to-use interface with a dark space to avoid eye strain. As with other converters, the download process is simple and includes the following steps:

Step 1: Copy the video link and paste it into the Youtube to MP4 Converter
Step 2: Choose the MP3 output format
Step 3: Click the Download button to convert YouTube videos and save them on your computer.

Wonder share Uni Converter:

One of the most common things people do is convert YouTube videos to MP3. There are many different converters out there to help you with this, but UniConverter is the only one that gives you many other features as well.
It supports all newest and legacy video formats, in fact, you can get 1000+ video and audio formats. So when you convert a video to audio, UniConverter offers the best functionality with high conversion speed.
So if you want to convert YouTube videos to MP3, UniConverter has all the features you need. Most video converters are limited to the conversion function, but UniConverter allows you to combine multiple videos, compress videos, and more.

This makes UniConverter a very versatile software that can be used for many things. So, if you are looking for the best YouTube to MP3 converter online, be sure to use UniConverter.

MP3 studio:

If you are looking for a tool to download and convert multiple YouTube videos to MP3 at the same time, MP3 Studio is worth a try. The platform offers fast download speeds with multiple audio formats like MP3, MP4, WMV, AVI etc. Besides YouTube, you can also download and convert videos from other websites like Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and many others.

You can download over 99 background videos at the same time, and the built-in player lets you listen to each song before downloading. They provide an ID3 tag for every song you download, which you can use to identify every song in your playlist.


Another tool on the list is VideoProc, which allows you to download videos and convert them to various formats like MP3, MP4, MP4A, MKV, etc. The tool is light and easy to use and has a fast download speed. You can convert any video, audio or DVD in over 400 formats. VideoProc includes both editing and conversion functions.

It has configurable codec functions for creating lossless MP3 files, and multiple files can be converted at the same time. Thanks to Intel, NIVIDA and AMD hardware, the tool offers 47 times the real-time conversion speed. In addition to YouTube, VideoProc lets you download and convert videos from 1,000+ popular websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and more

VideoProc also helps with video editing, compression, and screen recording.

You can download and convert videos by following 5 steps;

Step 1: Install VideoProc and run it on your device.
Step 2: Click the + Video button to import the MP4 files
Step 3: At the bottom you will see the Music option, click on it and choose an audio format
Step 4: To speed up the conversion, tap Hardware Acceleration Engine
Step 5: Click Run to start the proces

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