YouTube Video to MP3 Converter

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If you want to pay attention to YouTube video mp3 songs without the web, you should use YouTube to MP3. Then you will need a separate website software that will extract the YouTube audio and save it in your preferred format.

I know there are many website tools and software that can extract audio from YouTube movies and transfer audio information to get them, but I’m mainly focusing on desktop and Android mobile devices here.

Below we will discuss the best free website tools to extract audio from YouTube movies and download them to MP3 or any other audio format of your choice.

As the best Youtube to Mp3 converter, allows you to convert and save just paste the URL. is a great website software to extract audio from YouTube movies and convert them to MP3 format. Just copy the YouTube video URL (YouTube, Vimeo, Fb, Flickr, DailyMotion Help) and more. Then paste it into the Fb Tube input field and click Convert Video. Then select “Rip Audio”, choose MP3, OGG or M4A, then click “Import Video” and the audio will be converted and saved to your chosen vacation location.

This software is available at, the base model is free, it can import and save various audio videos, it can also convert YouTube movies to MP3 Mp4 and additional codecs. The downloader and converter has been translated into multiple languages ​​such as French, Polish, Turkish, Italian, Russian and more. Another advantage of this website software is that it can be used on completely different operating devices and technologies such as Mac, Windows Home and iPhone.

Pros: This website software offers one of the easiest options to download YouTube Fb movies with MP3 and MP4 codecs. Converting YouTube movies to MP3 is easy and fast.


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