6 Basic NBN Plans You Consider For Your Home

6 Basic NBN Plans You Consider For Your Home

National Broadband Network (NBN) is the Australia’s largest telecommunication corporation that is providing a multi-technology mix (MTM) approach to future-proof internet access to its consumers. If you are a resident of any state of Australia and want to get a reliable and secure internet connection, nothing works better than an NBN connection. 

Finding the right and suitable NBN internet connection for your home is a hectic process. Nothing can be worse than having an internet connection with abrupt signals and inactivity. The foremost is the network speed, price of your plan, and lastly the service provider you choose. When you compare NBN plans, most of them offer 50/20, 100/20, 1000/50 which refers to the peak download and upload speed per second in Mbps. 

For your convenience, we are going to discuss several NBN plans based on speed tiers

Table of content

  1. Home Basic I
  2. Home Basic II
  3. Home Standard plan 
  4. Home Fast plan
  5. Home Super Fast plan
  6. Home Ultra Fast plan
Users shift off 100/40Mbps NBN plans
  1. Home Basic I

Home Basic I is the most basic network plan. It is suitable for sending e-mails and phone calls without any distortion and disturbance. With this basic plan, NBN offers busy period speeds that are generally below 12mbps.  This network speed is generally fine for regular usage but not ideal for doing work from home.

  1. Home Basic II

The right NBN plan can fulfill the needs of your home data speed. Home Basic II is an upgraded version of Home Basic I. NBN basic II offers a download speed of 25 Mbps and an upload speed of 5 Mbps. 

Home Basic II allows for a household with minimal users online at the same time for browsing the internet, sending emails and standard video definition streaming. Remember that this network plan is not designed for optimum delivery of these additional activities but will handle basic use.

  1. Home Standard plan 

The rollout of the NBN pledged a more instantaneous, more reliable Australian internet infrastructure. The home standard plan is the most popular NBN speed tier in Australia, and for good reason. This plan caters to the 3 to 4 person Australian household. Offering network speeds of 30mbps, this plan allows HD streaming, working from home, online gaming, and large file transfers at a moment.

  1. Home Fast plan

If you have got a big family, NBN home fast plan is surely a blessing for you. To get optimize the overall performance,  home fast plan from NBN. Providing a double speed of 60 Mbps, this plan is enough for each member of the household to get their work done, watch their favorite TV show and play the occasional online game. You can opt for this plan for 4k streaming and file transfers with the fastest transfer speed. It provides a smoother connection for up to 5 users at a moment. 

  1. Home Super Fast plan

With a rocking download speed of up to 250 Mbps, and 25 Mbps upload speed it is the fastest NBN speed tier available to most Australians. With Superfast plans, they were originally only available for FTTP connections and some HFC connections, later on, the connection type is now covered entirely. Also, the NBN 250 Mbps is enough speed to do anything online without having any connection discontinuity.  

  1. Home Ultra Fast plan

With the fastest internet download speed of 1000 Mbps and 50 Mbps upload speed, NBN home ultra-fast plan provides a hardcore connectivity service. 

However, the ultrafast plans are only available to FTTP and selected HFC connections. In recent years, NBN has covered around 95% of premises. So if you are one of the lucky ones, you can get the fastest fixed-line internet currently available in Australia.


If you are looking for the best possible internet connection in your area, compare NBN plans to find out the fastest speed tier. With the introduction of NBN, different plans are delivering diverse network plans. These plans work astonishingly while browsing or watching your favorite TV shows. Enjoy the most of the internet connectivity with several NBN plans.