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Each cartridge and packaging is also color coded. This indicates the phenotype of the strain (Indica, Sativa or Hybrid).

Featured Farms is ROVE’s signature line of 100% hemp terpenes. We also supply the freshest and purest varieties from farm to ranch. The only ingredient in this series, high quality flowers, comes from a single farm for a consistent and exceptional vaping experience.

You don’t need to buy batteries. This is because we use Sea cell disposable materials, which create high quality clouds every time.

The total THC is 86.39% and the total cannabinoids is 91.44%. Buy vape bathrobe

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Rove has laid the foundation for a business of integrity, simplicity and transparency. Their mission is to provide customers with great tasting vape cartridges and reliable and reliable vape pens. Rove proudly stands for the exaggerated quality of product test results and the propensity for misinformation. Rove wants its customers to know they have their best interests at heart every step of the way. They strive for excellence and strive for excellence.

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Rove Carts enthusiasts note that the cannabis industry is increasingly interested in vape pens and cartridges. Having already established themselves in various areas of the cannabis industry, they looked at their peers and individually came to the same conclusion: “More transparency, we can do more.” In 2015, they quickly merged to form Rove, bringing together a wealth of growing, mining and laboratory experience. This huge growth started from day one. Initially, working with a small number of stores, I was especially passionate about their products. Each week, Rove forged a new relationship with the pharmacy as demand for the product grew. Today, Rove products can be found in more than 250 stores in California, Nevada, Arizona and Oklahoma, as well as offering delivery services.

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Rove is proud to use a solvent-free CO2 extraction method. Many other manufacturers boast of using a purified CO2 process, but after extraction they start using solvents. Rover is not. The Rove CO2 extract is purified using liquid carbon dioxide and then using the heat and pressure of a Rove evaporator cartridge sold locally. This process takes a lot of time, but the end result of getting a purer and purer oil for the patient is worth it.

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Rove is known for its simple, delicious and reliable vape cartridges. Portable discreet cartridges are designed to provide maximum convenience, wherever you are and whatever you do. Each oil is blended with natural terpenes to deliver a pure, authentic flavor with every inhalation and exhalation. Believing that reliability is the cornerstone of carburetors, Rove uses stainless steel cartridges with high quality pilots and complete dual coil atomizers.

Lab Tests:

Rove proudly tests its products at Bell Costa Labs to test the full potential of cannabinoids, ensuring the levels of THC and CBD in every cartridge. They don’t test solvents. Because… Well… Because they don’t use solvents at all.


Since entering the cannabis industry in 2015, Rove has grown exponentially by collaborating and building relationships with like-minded cannabis enthusiasts. Each of their products is made from 100% Californian hemp in close collaboration with growers and the farming community. You can find their products in California, including South Coast Safe Access, Orange County Cannabis Club, Downtown Patient Collective, and Green Tree Remedy Rove vape cartridges sold near me.