Anomalia Paris blends vintage and modern for first fragrance range



Buy niche perfumery Anomalia Paris genderless French perfume brand has debuted a collection of seven fragrances. Geometric refillable flacons are topped with an asymmetrical black zamak stopper.

With its debut fragrance collection, Anomaly Paris sought to break away from the traditional codes of perfumery. Essence (S) versatil (S) is a sexless line of amats, consisting of seéfir

The packaging design was the brainchild of the founder of the brand, Elena Spirina, and the French designer av Carr Bass. Rib neg Refillable bottles are equipped with an XD11 Pirouette (Silgan Dispensing) screw pump. Recharge formats are currently in development and should be on the market in 2023.

Nickel stopper » The cap with polypropylene lining is located on a gold ribbon with an electronic cap.

Screen printed on uncoated paper with felt markings that have a slightly rough texture, from Fedrigoni, minimalist labels (Haas etiquettes) printed on a notched square on the front of the bottle.

In terms of secondary packaging, the collection is housed in lightweight boxes (Inessens) made from Fedrigoni Tintoretto Gesso uncoated creative FSC paper with felt markings. The brand chose to wrap its boxes with Innovia Propafilm OFR cellophane, a BOPP film designed to be recycled within existing polypropylene recycling streams.

How to choose and perfume?

Perfume is an invisible but very present signature that stimulates enthusiasm, creates mystery and underlines, even sublime, a character trait.

Choosing a perfume requires pausing, focusing on oneself or on the loved one for whom it is intended. Whether it’s a gift for someone or for yourself, there is something intimidating about choosing a Anomalia Paris perfume and the range of proposals is very wide.

The fragrant tastes

First, let’s start by considering the notes that would be of your Preference. Are you naturally drawn to the invigorating facets of citrus zest, the sweetness of an armful of flower, or, conversely, the opulence of white flower essences? Or do you like to wrap yourself in a warm, woody, polite or special trail?

Knowing the olfactory family with which you feel most in harmony will allow you to know more about the perfect perfume.

To do this, selective perfumery has seven major olfactory families: lemony, floral (mainly in the women’s world), oriental, chypre, Woody, as aromatic and gelecho prevailing in the fragrance. range of men’s fragrances.

Each of these perfume families is then nuanced with facets, or subfamilies, that will determine the specific personality of the composition. “New freshness”, marine, aldehyde, fruity, gourmet, amber, spicy, leathery, musky, powdery and green are the most widespread olfactory facets.

These facets are orchestrated with raw materials that, depending on the volatility within the olfactory pyramid (flight, heart or imprint), will reveal themselves from the first Moments, will heat up over time or will mark the skin with their memory.

The rose: star of perfumery

In the top 10 best-selling women’s perfumes in recent years, 7 have a heart of rose. Queen of flowers, the rose is constantly reinventing itself Revealing a light breath tinged with Romanticism. As delicate as it may be, it can have incisive aspects, or on the contrary, show a striking voluptuousness.

Vanilla, this fake ingénue
Vanilla, as everyone describes it, is “sweet and enveloping”. But did you know that the pod brings together more than a hundred odorous molecules ? Through this infinite palette , “vanilla” lends itself to the game of innocence in a sweet, gourmet version, like multiplying the carnal and bewitching dimension of an oriental perfume.

Woody perfumes and their contradictory characters
Woody notes are required in the base of the perfume to ensure a certain tenacity. However, when the woods are used as major components, they structure the creation . Thus, the trail will take on a virile, dry and elegant coloring if tinted by one of the 6 varieties of cedar, or will soften extraordinarily with a breath of sandalwood.

This is why woody scents are so esteemed in men’s perfumery , but can also be at the origin of the most sensual and feminine perfumes that can exist .

A perfume to offer, for Her or Him

When it is the subject of a gift , choosing a perfume can be a little more complex… or not!
Whether offered to a woman or a man , taking into account the season and the intensity of its current fragrance proves to be the basis.
If you know the person well, you will be sure not to go wrong by opting for the perfume that he or she already wears, or by moving towards a similar olfactory family . Adding a product from the scented range will show how much you think about his well-being.
Beyond these aspects, perfumers have understood that several factors come into play when choosing a composition. For example, listeners will be sensitive to the name of the perfume and the message that it echoes, while a worked bottle will be likely to arouse the desire for collection among the visuals.
Finally, if you don’t know the tastes of the person for whom this gift is intended, discovering what’s new could give you life-saving ideas !

The scents of youth

For toddlers, it suffices to distinguish scented waters , specially developed for babies’ skin, from children’s toilet waters . With the exception of unisex scented waters, the dominant colors of the bottle will often be pink for girls and blue for boys , as tradition dictates. When neither of these two baby colors predominates, then the fragrance is simply unisex .

While anxious to belong to a group, adolescents and pre-adolescents, both girls and boys, are extremely sensitive to the gaze of others . To make sure you choose a trendy fragrance , trust the commercials! The image conveyed by the perfume is what the look is in fashion .

Finally young and less young, we can be curious to know the perfume of our favorite star with the undeclared aim of appropriating a part of aura.
Be that as it may, beyond the olfactory dimension, we are naturally attracted by the aesthetics of the perfume bottles available in our favorite olfactory family .
A craving for freshness will not lead you to smell an amber-colored elixir kept in a sophisticated container. Conversely, a crystalline juice presented in a romantic bottle will not arouse your curiosity if you are looking for a bewitching trail.
Open your eyes and follow your instincts!
In the same spirit, discover a multitude of beauty secrets by following our guides dedicated to make -up and care .

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