Creative Custom Candy Boxes to Lure Kids

Candy Boxes

Are you wondering how you can design candy boxes specifically to attract a younger audience? Check out the following factual guide to design one of their kind boxes. Candies are delicious edibles that are loved by many people around the globe, especially the kids. Candies are mostly targeted towards children. The candy boxes should also be designed in a way to attract the children. For that, keep one thing in your mind that a younger audience has different sensory inputs and lower maturity than the adults. Different types of color themes and cartoon illustrations could prove quite effective in this regard.More Than Peach Children’s Book is the right option to educate your kid with colorful illustrations.

Learn some things which make candy packages more famous and appealing for the younger generation.

1.  Choose Attractive Colors:

Since childhood is a colorful time, designing your candy box with some beautiful color combinations will make them look attractive. Does the light come to your mind when you think of the colors associated with childhood? Of course not, because childhood is associated with bold and bright colors. So, the younger generation is attracted to vibrant and bright colors. Choose the best contrast and color combinations to make your candy packages look appealing to the children. Designing these packages with different bright colors would be vital. Selecting the color of your box according to the taste and flavor of the candy will attract the children instantly. For a mango-flavored candy, for instance, you can use a yellow color.

2.  Introduce The Famous TV Characters:

To lure the kids, focus on the packaging design even more than the functionality. Creating an emotional connection with the younger audience will stimulate the buying decisions, which will prove beneficial for your business. But how can you make this connection? This can be done by engaging their senses to interact with the candies. Keep it in your mind that the more engaging and interactive your design is, the more will your product will lure the younger generation. For engaging the little ones, some fun TV characters can be incorporated into your candy packaging design. Link your packaging with famous TV characters such as Superman, Iron man, etc., can grab the attention of children instantaneously. The characters of the famous movie Disney can also be printed in this regard.

3.  Interactive Shapes:

Customizing your candy packaging in different alluring shapes can make your products highly appealing to the younger generation. Think differently and come up with a unique shape to stand apart from all your competing brands. The candy packages should be such that children love to keep them with their other toys. For instance, designing your boxes in the shape of a train, car, or horse, etc., will allow the children to play after consuming your sweets. A heart-shaped candy box will catch the eyes of the younger audience once they enter your retail store. Even some basic shapes, such as flowers, stars, moon, etc., can be used to make the children happier. Moreover, customizing the shape of your box according to some famous cartoon characters such as Tom and Jerry will make your box attractive as well as interesting.

4.  Focus On Utility:

Another effective idea to impress the children with your candy packages is to focus on their utility. Design them in a way that they not only serve the role of packing the candies but can be taken apart to make a toy for the children. Customize your candy packages to have some perforations and cut lines along their surface. When the children will cut apart or assemble these cut lines, your box would turn into a toy with which the kids can play. Another excellent idea in this regard is to print some outlined images which can be colored by the children. Children love to color outlined images so, it is a sure way to impact the purchasing behavior. Make sure to use some sturdy materials for the candy packages so that they remain durable for longer periods.

5.  Induction of Window Panels:

It is a well-known fact that children have a lower maturity than adults, and their sensory input towards various things is completely different. Unlike adults, they do not make informed buying decisions but purchase the things that allure or entice them in the first-ever look. Inducing some window panels on the front side or top of your candy packages can be beneficial in this regard. This is because it attracts the attention of the younger generation without any ambiguity by offering a sneak peek. The kids can look at the delicious candies inside the box without even touching the box. When the kids see the candies packed in window packages, they will compel their parents to buy those items.

6.  Enticing The Parents Is Necessary:

If you are a kid-centric brand, no doubt your primary focus will be on the children. But in this process, do not forget about impressing the parents as well. This is because it is the parents who will ultimately be deciding if to buy a certain product or not. Unlike children, some TV characters or cartoons do not impress them, but they check the functionality of your candy packages. To capitalize, make sure that you are offering ease of use with your packaging design, i.e., it is easy to open or close. Similarly, make sure it is durable and lightweight so that one can take them from one point to the other without any hassle. Concluding to the point that your candy boxes must be designed attractively if you want them to make an impact on the younger audience. Adding some TV characters or cartoons in your  custom packaging design can prove beneficial in this aspect. Exciting and alluring artwork with some interactive shapes can also grab the attention of kids. Furthermore, the functionality should not be compromised for earning the trust of parents as well.