How much weight can an electric skateboard hold?



Electric skateboards have an average weight limit of 200 to 330 pounds (90 to 150 kg).

The heavy weights of the rider are determined by structural factors of the electric skateboard. Specifically, the board defines the maximum capacity that electric skateboards can carry.

Max Load Electric Skateboard: Why It Matters

There are several reasons why it is essential to consider the weight limit on your electric skateboard.

  • Safety reasons (especially brakes)
  • Performance
  • Align
  • Expensive

A heavily loaded board will have a longer braking distance. But an electric skateboard must be able to brake safely and completely when braking, even when going downhill, especially if you have to stop suddenly due to traffic. Regular inspections and maintenance will keep you safe, but the maximum load (weight) designed on your e-skate guarantees the expected performance. Any additional load can wear or damage the brakes and put you at risk.

The weight limit is also related to the structural strength of the printed circuit board components. Extra weight or loads can damage battery boxes, damage structural screws and seals, and break or even break tires.

What Heavy Drivers Should Consider?

The business world doesn’t seem to be made up of the tallest or heaviest people, right? This can be a particular problem if you want to buy an electric skateboard. The recommended weight limits on many boards can make it more difficult for heavier riders to find the right model. Unfortunately, many good boards cannot carry more than 100 kg. However, by following a few guidelines it is possible for more difficult riders to find the perfect board. You probably want:

  • A board with powerful motors
  • Large battery the more weight the more power is required
  • Strong Deck and good trucks

In the past, for great riders, many boards were very heavy with little or no flex, but thankfully that’s the story. New materials (glass fiber, Kevlar, carbon fiber, bamboos) have now been introduced and board manufacturers are trying to combine materials for stability, ease of use and flexibility.

How to choose the best electric skateboard?

If you want to choose an electric skateboard, there are a few things to consider and investigate. You need to decide on the main reasons for buying an electric skateboard. Whether for fun, for travel, or just moving from point A to point B. Then determine the minimum power required based on where you live and where you want to place your electric skateboard. In the Netherlands everything is flat that you don’t need a strong board, but if you want to take a skateboard for a vacation in southern Europe, you need more power to climb the hills and mountains behind. Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying an electric skateboard. Don’t forget to wear a helmet every time!


This is the most important part of electric skateboarding and I will explain briefly why it is so important.

Battery: The latest battery renovation is why E -class skateboards are so popular and why we are writing this article. Electric skateboards have been available for years, but due to their heavy batteries, they often weigh 20-30 kg. Over the past five years, lithium batteries have evolved, their weight has decreased and they are safer. This makes the space easier to use and more portable. In addition to a safer and lighter space, the battery has a longer range. Due to the battery life of the board, always follow the Manufacturer’s Recommendations when upgrading the board. Otherwise, you will skate on a very expensive and heavy longboard.

Motor: The current motor is 400-2000 watts. A 400 watt motor is good for flats, but it doesn’t always accelerate on hills. A 2000 watt motor usually climbs steep slopes and gives great acceleration.

Controls: Electric skateboards generally use a wireless handheld controller that can be used while riding. The controller has a light indicator that shows the status of the board. For example, what percentage of the battery is charged, whether there is a problem with the board, and so on? The downside is that you still don’t know what percentage of the controller you have. Therefore, it is recommended to fill the space. Another disadvantage of the controller is that you have to pay attention and charge it. The battery has run out several times, but the electric skateboard is a slow and heavy longboard (still, but very heavy). Board and one wheel use weight and running inputs, so you don’t have to carry a controller with you. The downside is that you don’t know the full battery of your electric skateboard. On one wheel you have to stop and look at the turn signal and count or press the app.

Wheels: All boards use longboard wheels. This allows you to drive on fairly rugged terrain, but certainly doesn’t give you the same smooth ride. Durometer or Wheel Duro will tell you more. The smaller the number, the smoother and smoother the steering wheel (smooth driving). The higher the number, the stiffer the steering wheel and the less grip it can have (bumpy ride). Even for the money, the bigger the bike, the smoother it is. The exception is only one wheel. It has one large wheel cart that allows you to drive on rough terrain and dirt roads.

Chargers: Not all chargers are created equal. Some will fill the space completely in 30 minutes, while others take about 3-5 hours here. Each electric skateboard comes with its own charger and no third -party chargers can be purchased. So, if you buy Yuneec, you can wait at least 3 hours until it is full. We don’t yet have a car charger for electric skateboards (at least the ones tested), but you can buy an adapter, but we and the manufacturer advise against using it.

Isn’t it a regular longboard skateboard?

Even if the price of an electric skateboard goes down as expected, why not buy a longboard of about 2 kg instead of 7 kg for 50 euros? For some people, longboarding is all they need. However, electric skateboards have some major advantages.

Braking: Downhill is easy with e-board. However, longboard brakes require a lot of skill. Also, if you are driving near people, electrical signals give you more control over speed and emergency brakes are available.

Traffic Tracking: If you’re riding a bike path or road, you can use an electric skateboard to more accurately track the flow of your bike or other vehicle.

Climbing Hill: No explanation needed.

Faster for your purposes: With the boost board, you can reach speeds of 24-35 km / h. Longboards are 8-16km / h.

Cooling: If you’re driving in hot weather, use an electric skateboard instead of sweating on a longboard.

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