KBC Lottery Winner 2022 List WhatsApp


KBC Lottery Winners 2022 – KBC is an Indian video game show where participants answer frequently asked questions and win prizes. It was first released in July 2000. The show offers many life-changing and award-winning opportunities. The show was hosted by Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan for one season.

The 10 seasons of the series have ended, and 11 seasons have been aired on Sony Entertainment TV. Inspired by someone who wanted to be a millionaire. KBC has officially announced the winners of the 2022 KBC Annual Lottery and Raffle. NCB makes it easy for lottery and lottery participants to join the program without having to buy a ticket.

KBC WhatsApp Winner

For several years, I didn’t have to buy a ticket to participate in WhatsApp Lottery 2022. WhatsApp plays an important role in KBC Lottery 2022. It provides KBC with data for everyone.

Since KBC is affiliated with all SIM companies, Sim will permanently participate in WhatsApp draws. If you would like to participate, please call WhatsApp headquarters. When that person buys a sim and creates WhatsApp, he officially enters KBC Winner List 2022.

There are risks associated with this digital transformation. Fake websites, KBC messages, and phone calls put people at risk. Therefore, it is advisable to check with the NCB office before submitting your credentials.

KBC 2022 lottery

To qualify for NCB Lucky Draw, you need to meet some criteria. This includes the age of the person who must be at least 18 years old, the participant is a resident of India and must complete the required documents. However, there is no admission fee to sign up for the show. As a result, this segment is becoming more and more popular.

KBC is very popular and its TRP stack is India’s tallest game show. KBC is great at answering questions and winning big prizes. The Lucky Draw SIM card was renewed in 2022, making it easy for anyone to participate. SIM cards are registered throughout India and all cards are eligible for Lucky Draw 2022.

KBC Winners List 2022

Imran Khan DK won Rs250,000 with whatsapp lottery number 9229 982 **** 622.

25Lakh Lottery Winner Sajida Ali Saji Number 8222 Whatsapp Number 833 **** 663.

Miss Gauni Kumari Winning amount 25 Rakı Lottery number 2221 Whatsapp number 900 **** 422.

Ganyaala Singh has won the lottery number 7882whatsapp number 911 **** 001 for Rs 350,000.

Vikram Singh Prize 350,000 rupees lottery number 9222 whatsapp number 822 **** 622

BCNPBX number list

The KBC office number in Mumbai is 00919692788947

KBC number Calcutta headquarters 00919692788947

Headquarters of KBC number in Delhi 00919692788947

KBC WhatsApp number 00919692788947 Headquarters.

WhatsApp number KBC 00919692788947.

KBC lottery number

The online system will update the lottery number each time the Kon Banega Carorpati draw is held. The lottery number is the number that a person can win a prize.

The KBC Lucky Draw is held annually from May to December, and winners are announced from January to March. Therefore, you need the lot number. To find the KBC lottery number, you need your winning number and your registered mobile phone number.