Know all about the Birth Injury Cases


When an infant gets injured during birth, the cause is usually exercising unthinking forces during delivery or using forceps. So most babies undergo minor injuries during birth that may remain untreated as they tend to mend by themselves in some time, however, some of them could have a long-lasting effect, where the child may well develop a serious health condition that would be carried on till the end.


  • Birth injuries are usually followed by brain damage as a result of various conditions during childbirth, the causes are never the same, nor are the injuries.
  • Delayed birth is one, labors that carry on for over 18 hours are supposedly delayed births, where pressure is formed on the infant’s brain. Which could further escalate into fetal distress, followed by high blood pressure, strokes, and so forth.
  • Oxygen insufficiency has also contributed to birth injuries, this is usually a result of the ruptured umbilical cord or poor lungs in a premature infant could be one of the causes too. Oxygen deficiency is mainly responsible for most brain-related birth injuries.
  • Also, certain infections, viral or bacterial, diseases, or medications in either the mother or the infant may result in complications during delivery.

As a victim, I may want to consult a lawyer for birth injury cases near me, but before that, I must know their role.

If a birth injury is acute where the child has become physically or mentally challenged for the rest of their lives, there is always long-term treatment ahead. Unfortunately, some people find it tiresome to carry the treatment through, when the expenses involved and the rest of it is way beyond their means.

A birth injury lawyer can help them meet the costs associated with long-term treatments, plus the negligence of the staff involved during delivery would be brought to the forefront.

What a birth injury lawyer can do

  • There may be a case filed against the medical staff involved at the time of delivery
  • Followed by assembling evidence that would validate the victim’s claims, including a witness affidavit and clinical reports.
  • Also, help the victim’s family gain financial compensation.

Not all birth injuries are the same, however, some of them might have been avoided with the kind of medical attention.

As we all know medical experts are seasoned enough to be able to carry out a delivery safely, there is a reason why they are called experts, they should be able to execute a delivery making sure that the infant is not injured in any way.

Sadly medical professionals are insincere with their roles sometimes resulting in such damages which are beyond repair, these are termed medical malpractice.

The kind of cases a birth injury lawyer usually handles

  • Brain damage
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Infant hematoma
  • Kernicterus
  • Acute jaundice
  • Spinal cord injury

A lawyer would, first of all, evaluate the case to see how far the victim’s family is eligible to seek legal help for their child’s injury. Only then, would the lawyer begin to work on the case, a give it a shape so the victim’s family gets the maximum benefit out of it.


As a victim, I might well consider hiring a lawyer for birth injury cases near me but at the same time, it’s important to make sure I have hundred percent faith in them that they would do the best they can to ensure I can eventually win the case and hiring an experienced lawyer would brighten the chances of winning the case.