Motorcycle helmet lighting, Sophisticated design detail, or dangerous traffic sin?

How to calibrate your Swegway Hover-board

Some shops offer lighting for motorcycle helmets. These are often battery-powered LED tapes that are to be attached to the outside of the helmet using adhesive surfaces. hoverboard lights meaning but which motorcycle helmets are allowed? The problem: In Germany, changes to helmets that have not been approved by an authorized inspection body are not permitted, as they could confuse other road users and ultimately lead to accidents.

However, there are a few motorcycle helmets, such as the Shark Skwal, which are equipped with an LED strip ex-works. Nevertheless, the helmet complies with the necessary test standards and may be used throughout Europe.

So do not dare to experiment and do not attach external and unapproved light sources to your helmet or motorcycle clothing yourself.

Motorcycle helmets for children: What should you pay attention to when buying?

Children may generally only be taken on a motorcycle of a certain size. Basically, the following applies: The footpegs of the pillion seat must be accessible to your little ones, they must hold on to you and be able to sit without any problems.

When choosing the right motorcycle helmet, age is secondary. However, most children are tall enough to meet the requirements at about seven or eight years old. The basic requirement for taking your child with you is, of course, that a corresponding second seat is available.

In order to protect your kids optimally, in addition to suitable motorcycle clothing, kidney belt, and motorcycle gloves, a suitable helmet must also be found. If your little motorcycle passenger wears glasses, a foldable motorcycle helmet could be the right choice.

However, since flip-up helmets are often slightly heavier than full-face helmets, these models are more recommended for larger, stronger children and teenagers. You should refrain from motocross and half-shell motorcycle helmets, as they do not offer the same level of safety during an accident as integral motorcycle helmets or flip-up helmets.

Whichever model type you choose: Safety and accuracy of fit have top priority for children’s motorcycle helmets, regardless of their specific age. Therefore, pay close attention to which closure secures the helmet. The most reliable is a double-D closure that holds the motorcycle helmet in place even in the event of an accident. The word “accident” is also the answer to the question of how long a motorcycle helmet lasts. After each accident, you should replace the helmet immediately.

Although the operation is a bit complicated, with a little practice and help on your part, this should also be possible. Furthermore, make sure that the helmet has been provided with a test mark and that its safety is thus confirmed.

Before you buy a motorcycle helmet for your child, you should do a helmet test or a fitting with your offspring. It is important that the weight of the helmet does not exceed 1.5 kg, otherwise, the shoulders, neck, and back will be too stressed.

The size of the head can be determined as for a classic adult helmet. While standard motorcycle helmet sizes often only start at S, whereby the head circumference dimensions in cm are set at about 55 to 56, children often need much smaller models as a motorcycle helmet.

The smallest XXXS helmets are suitable for heads with a circumference of 49 to 50 cm. type of stakeboards the helmet fits if it is not too easy to pull over the head, but also no pressure points remain due to the pads on the forehead or temples.

Another useful addition for motorcycle trips with the little ones is neck supports, which can be attached to the helmet and prevent neck pain, especially on longer or more frequent tours.

Visually, the manufacturers have already adapted their range to the smallest customers. Whether colorful, patterned, or with the favorite figures from series and films provided models, motorcycle helmets in a retro look, or even helmet attachments in Iroquois shape: For every taste, there is sure to find the right helmet variant.