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Toll RAP Introduction

At Toll We are aware that the nature of our work is that we play a significant part in a reconciliation of Australia. Every day, our employees traverse the land of a variety of Traditional Owners, and the multi-faceted nature of our work ensures that we are able to influence the outcome of the communities we serve. 

We are aware of the history of cultures, contributions and traditions that Aboriginal as well as Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities have and continue contribute, and we are happy to be a part of the team to ensure positive results. 

The RAP represents our formal commitment to collaborate in partnership with Aboriginal as well as Torres Strait Islander communities to continue to make positive and significant contributions to reconciliation.

 We have worked with Aboriginal as well as Torres Strait Islander peoples throughout our long and rich history. Our RAP acknowledges in writing the important role in which Aboriginal as well as Torres Strait Islander peoples have been a part of our company, as employees, suppliers, customers in communities all through the course of our past. We have an RAP Work Group has representatives from across our company and includes members who are Aboriginal as well as Torres Strait Islander employees. 

Our RAP Work Group is sponsored by Global Logistics’ President Global Logistics, and each member is driven for promoting reconciliation throughout our company and within the communities where we work. 

The RAP Work Group, and our company, recognizes our role in the corporate world of Australia in helping to break the cycle of inequity. In our efforts to achieve reconciliation, we hope to recognize the depth of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and make a welcoming environment in which everyone from different backgrounds can thrive and flourish side-by-side.

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Peter Stokes,

President, Global Logistics


Jacqui Bainbridge,

Senior Manager, Social Responsibility

Ceah David

Transitions Consultant, Global Logistics

Jody Duncan,

Senior Manager, Human Resources

Kate Martin,

General Manager, Strategy

Scott Nicholls,

Executive General Manager, Resources

Michael Gilmore,

Client Services Manager, Global Express