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Top 3 myths about bisexual men

There are more than enough bisexual men in the LGBTQIA+ community, and some of them are mostly misinterpreted. Most times because of the concept of bisexuality being broad, a handful of heterosexuals see bisexuals as confused people. However, it is important to always remember that sexuality is not binary, instead, it is a spectrum that when you keep exploring, grows and more understanding can emanate from. That you identify as a male does not qualify you to become heterosexual, and that doesn’t make you less of a man if you are bisexual. So, it is essential that you, first, explore your sexuality to be sure of what you really want and what truly amuses you when it comes to sex. 

The LGBTQIA+ community is growing by the day, with various individuals coming into the community and finding out what works for them in their sexual relationships. So, you need not worry about what you have identified as now, you just need to explore more, and you’d be surprised at how much you think you know about your sexuality that you don’t know. 

There are several myths that several individuals have picked up regarding what bisexuality is or what it should be over time. However, some of these myths are everyday assumptions that we might think is true but truly, from the definition of bisexuality, it’s a myth. Here are some of the top three myths you should know. 

This is one of the most ridiculous myths most people have about bisexuals. A lesbian dating a transgender is still a lesbian, and a hero sexual man dating a transgender is still regarded as a heterosexual. However, when it comes to bisexual dating a transgender, the definition changes to a different one. If being a lesbian or being straight isn’t transgender exclusive, why should being bisexual be? Over time, transphobes have been allowed to draw definitions to some of the sexuality they know nothing about. Sexual orientations shouldn’t change because of any relationship or inter/intra relationships. 

This is yet another big myth about bisexuality. This myth is a result of the discrepancies between non-binary and bisexuals. It is worth noting that all sexualities could be attracted to any non-binary folk they find. The term “bi” in bisexuals doesn’t mean two genders; instead, it means “different gender” and “same gender” the same way homo and hetero mean “same” and “different.” All of these concepts are well explained in HD porn videos across various porn platforms. So, if you still find any of these definitions somewhat difficult to grasp, watch porn videos. 

This is one assumption that you should ensure you do away with if you really want to understand what the bisexual community is about. It is worth noting that bisexuality is not a word for gender preferences, as sexual attraction most times doesn’t have anything to do with your partner’s gender. 

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