Your Guide To The Ultimate In Car Cleaning


After the winter sleet and salt on the roads, the cars often need a cleaning both outside and inside. Cleaning cars is not only important for the appearance, but also has great significance for the indoor climate in the car. This is precisely why it is important to prioritize cleaning both inside and out.

There are many companies all over the country that work with the preparation of cars, and you thus get the opportunity to have the spring cleaning of the car done by a professional. However, you can also throw yourself into the cleaning yourself. Therefore, here you get a guide and a checklist of what to remember when cleaning the car.

Interior cleaning

Interior cleaning is at least as important as exterior many people spend a lot of time in their car. It is therefore important that the indoor climate is top notch, so it is healthy to stay in the car. If a car does not get the necessary Rengøring af bil inside, it can be filled with harmful bacteria, and in the worst case, mold can occur.

The first thing to do when cleaning the inside of your car is to empty the entire car of the debris that can often pile up over time. Check both glove compartments, luggage compartments and any seat pockets, so you are sure to get it all.

Next, the car must be emptied of all furniture such as manuals, paper, spare tires and window scrapers. It is always easier to clean a car when it is completely emptied of both waste and loose furniture.

When the car is ready for the actual cleaning, you first start by vacuuming. A thorough vacuuming is a prerequisite for the car to be clean. To get it all, you have to vacuum both the car’s bottom, seats, luggage compartment, etc. It is also a good idea to remove the floor mats so that you can vacuum under them.

The floor mats often need a cleaning after the winter. You have often dragged dirt and salt into the car, and here the floor mats are often the big victim. You can often wash the floor mats with ordinary soap such as dishwashing detergent or universal cleaner. Once you have scrubbed the mats and the dirt is gone, it is a good idea to rinse them with water and let them dry completely before placing them in the car again.

Finally, you should also wash the dashboard, dish and other surfaces with soapy water. It is not always the case that with vacuuming you can get it all.

Exterior care

Exterior washing of the car is good the car’s exterior is often marked by winter. Even though you have washed your car regularly over the winter, it often needs a proper turn when spring gradually announces its arrival.

A thorough washing of the car’s exterior is therefore a good way to welcome spring. In addition, you can also wash and clean your alloy wheels, as there is often a lot of salt and dirt on them after the many kilometers on salty and muddy roads.

It can be a good advantage to contact a professional to prepare if you want to do something extra for your car. There are many different companies across the country that offers Klargøring af bil. Among other things, they can help with:

  • Washing of engine compartment
  • Remove rust
  • Sand and polish headlights

In addition, cosmetic repairs can also be carried out at the same time, which can help to repair any dents that have formed over the winter.

The car’s paint may also have been damaged over the winter, and it may therefore be a good idea to have a paint seal done by professionals if the need arises.

When you take good care of your car both inside and out, you will find that it lasts better. In addition, a thorough cleaning of the inside and the right care on the outside can make the car feel and smell like new – even after a hard, cold and salty winter.