5 Best Places To Travel During Christmas

places to visit during christmas
places to visit during christmas

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration. It’s the time of the year when each place is adorned and happiness is spread everywhere.  This festival brings new zeal within the minds, therefore, people try to visit completely different places and spend time with their loved ones during this time.  There are several places wherever Christmas is well known and shown below are the top 5 locations in the world wherever Christmas is simply the best.

Whether you’re exploring these places on your own with your loved ones or family. We all know you’ll realize your Christmas trip to any of those destinations values for each minute. So, mesmerized enough? Get packed, book delta airlines reservations in any class, and save up to 40% off on one-way & round trips on every flight. For your ease, we put together some best  Christmas cities around the world that are good for celebrating vacations. 

New York City

The city of fashion is known for the Christmas celebrations. With a height of 69 to 100 feet, the Norway spruce tree is adorned with around 30,000 lights connected to 5 miles of wiring and flat-topped off with a 550-pound star. NY possesses to be one in every of the best cities to celebrate a grand Xmas. From the well-decorated streets to the wonderful food and therefore the street plays, this all will certainly complete your Christmas celebration.


Europe’s well-known & most visited Christmas market prolongs to grow in fame among travelers. However, the Nurnberg Christmas Market handily is ranked the best one in all the entire heap. Over 200 hundred vendors clutch into wood stalls in Hauptmarkt sq. within the city’s recent Quarter. Where they sell an ancient/traditional product. From wine and cake to handmade Christmas tree angels, ornaments, and jewelry. This place experiences 2 million guests throughout this festival season. To fill your hunger pangs it’s best to try potato pancakes, roast almonds, and sausages at this place.


For night-long parties on beaches, enjoying cocktails in bars and pubs, cathedrals ornate with lights and flowers, and hour mass in churches with children performing melodious carols is simply a wonder in Goa. This is often, one of the best times to visit Goa as you’ll see happiness everywhere. The clubs, streets, and markets are adorned with Christmas trees and Santa’s. What makes it additional wonderful is that the plum cake that you’ll eat from little shops even. Therefore, Goa may be undoubtedly a decent option.


Cologne city has eight Christmas markets on either side of the Rhine that is specially designed for the festival. These markets supply gift things and many glühwein stalls. This is often the proper place for Christmas looking wherever you’ll purchase all those fancy stuff and quality of food.


Vienna city is set to sparkle throughout Christmas and is simply decorated like a fairy world. Lights twinkling from each building and tree create this place a lovely one. The market is packed with stalls that have handcrafted gifts, wine, and therefore the most delicious street food. You’ll experience the best waffles at this place.

In the Nutshell

Christmas is that the moment which people stay up for a long to own vacation from their busy lives and enjoy the festival zeal. So, what are you waiting for? Book tickets to those wonderful locations with AirlinesMap and create your Christmas a worthy one.


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