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7 Restaurant Social Media Ideas to Drive More Customers


Looking For Some Great Restaurant Social Media Ideas?

Social media marketing has become the buymalaysianfollowers new norm in the restaurant industry!

45percent of diners reported they’ve been to a restaurant first-time because of a social media posting that was posted by the restaurant.

The great thing about Social Media is the fact that it offers the possibility of connecting with a wider users more than any other time.

That’s especially true considering that 89 percent of people who dine have at minimum an account with a social network.

What social media platforms do I need my restaurant to be a part of?

It is ultimately your decision the best place for your digital content to go We would suggest Facebook as well as Instagram as essentials.

This is due to the fact that Facebook remains the top social media platform. It also has 49% of users search on Facebook for restaurants.

Instagram has seen a massive increase in popularity , particularly for restaurants…

…and is currently the most popular social media app to engage with restaurants!

Now, we’ll provide you with 7 restaurant social media strategies that you can use on both platform…

…as as other groups that you would wish to join.

These strategies will assist you in increasing your involvement and attract new customers. Let’s get started!

7 Restaurant Social Media Ideas To Drive More Customers

  1. Post Timing
  2. Use Video
  3. Behind-the-scenes Content
  4. Employee Spotlight
  5. Share User-Generated Content
  6. Social Media Contests
  7. Run Social Media Ads

1. Post Timing

The first tip we will offer is related to timing of posts.

When you are posting content to your social media platforms Are doing you pay attention to your time of posting?

Did you think beforehand that you going to share your content at this specific time? Or do you log in to share content on a whim?

Timing can have a significant influence on the performance and engagement of your blog posts.

There are certain times of the day that have greater engagement on social media platforms like Instagram as shown in this graph.

Restaurants must take into account more than just time of posting.

For instance, if you operate a diner that is specialized in breakfast…

…you will not want to share pictures of your eggs, pancakes and bacon at 6 p.m. on a Friday, when people are trying to decide what to eat for dinner.

For a restaurant It is your aim to find a balance of popular, well-known times to advertise and focus on your breakfast, lunch or dinner patrons in a way that is appropriate.

2. Use Video

The next thing to our top list of ideas for social media in restaurants is to utilize video whenever you are able!

Video is now among the top efficient methods of sharing content 2021…

…with the majority of respondents say they prefer to watch online video content rather than watching television.

In the case of social media, posts with videos get 48 percent more views.

So , how can you leverage using this technique of sharing the content?

Like the other content you publish you’d like your content to be useful and informative for your existing and potential customers.

Videos about cooking lessons, new specials along with Q&A’s and cooking tutorials are great places to begin.

Many people believe that to benefit from video, you have to employ the services of a film crew. It’s not the reality.

In actual fact, social networks provide an array of ways to share video on mobile devices.

One option you could make use of for live videos.

Live video is more effective than a standard video, with the average person spending three times as long watching live videos than a video that isn’t.

If you’re interested in learning more ways you can use live streaming in your company, then check out this article next.

However, if you’d like to have more ideas for how your restaurant could make videos about…

…keep on reading, because the two next content tips we’ll offer are great suggestions for video content!

3. Behind The Scenes Content

Watching what happens behind the scenes in your restaurant is an excellent method of engaging your customers…

…which is why it is the third item from our menu of restaurants’ social media suggestions.

Restaurant-goers are enthralled to observe what their meal is produced.

Additionally, there are numerous famous YouTube videos on how to make specific food items on the menu of a restaurant which support this assertion.

Some suggestions for behind-the-scenes content are:

  • photographs of meetings with local farmers or sellers,
  • making staff traditions public, like the song you play at the end of the night or
  • even a photo of the various ingredients in the most well-known dish.

We have just discussed using video as an efficient method of sharing information.

You might be asking, “how can I make use of video to showcase hidden features at my place of business?”

The best approach is to make use of your chefs’ work already doing, which is cooking.

All you need to do now is to film it.

The most important thing to remember for this is to ensure that your kitchen is clean!

Remember, the purpose of using a behind-the scenes video is to make people more interested in your establishment and the food you offer…

…not to scare them away by scrubbing the kitchen!

You could demonstrate the whole process of creating a dish but you can also show the chef’s skills in small sections like:

  • Cutting onions,
  • making a fillet of a fish

…or or anything else that your talented chefs are experts in.

4. Employee Spotlight

The most effective way to show your customers, both current and future, that you are concerned about your employees and acknowledge the strengths of your staff can be…

…by posting them through your social media accounts that’s why the spotlighting employees is our next social media strategy.

The people who have contributed to this success for your company is an excellent way to personalize the experience of customers.

Sharing content about your staff can also be a good method to increase engagement since they are more likely to be shared by your employees and increase the reach of your post.

The process of highlighting your employees also gives employees with well-deserved acknowledgement for their skills knowledge, experience, and personal qualities.

If you’re a little group of people who make the restaurant staff, you might be thinking…

… “how can we continue to share content that highlights our staff members after we’ve featured them before?”

It’s possible to spotlight staff members by highlighting their achievements outside of work for example:

  • engagements,
  • new babies,
  • graduations,

…and more!

5. Share User Generated Content

Sharing content created by users is a fantastic method to boost engagement and attract new customers via social media.

What exactly is user-generated material?

Well, it’s exactly as it does sound!

User-generated content, also known as UGC in short, is any kind of content that includes video, text, or images that is produced by individuals rather than brands.

What can user-generated content do? can do for your restaurant?

For starters, UGC promotes authenticity.

The average consumer is 2.4 percentage points more likely judge UGC as authentic contrasted with content produced by companies.

UGC is a real person who have visited your establishment and prospective customers may require some sort of social evidence…

…before choosing whether or not they’re planning to dine at your restaurant.

UGC also helps build confidence in the consumer.

In actual fact, a new study has revealed the fact that 30 percent of young people won’t go out to eat in case the Instagram presence of the restaurant was insufficient.

The most important thing UGC assists with is influencing buying decisions.

A study indicates that almost 80percent of respondents think that UGC has a significant impact on their purchase purchases.

The best thing about UGC can be that you know your clients do 95percent part of your work!

Because they’re taking photos and talking about your restaurant on social media…

…all you need to do is search for the right content , and you’ll be able to have an arsenal of content ready to be shared whenever you want.

How do you locate images that people have been posting from your restaurant for make use of to serve UGC use?

It is possible to start by searching for the address for your establishment through Instagram.

This will help you find out if someone has shared content that features your menu items. You can do this by adding their address.

If you are promoting hashtags that are branded to promote your business, then you may also search for content in that in the same way.

If you’re having trouble or have no luck in finding material, here’s an effective way to get your customers to share some.

The method to do this is to hold an online contest on social media!

Invite customers to upload pictures of their restaurant, and utilize a specific hashtag, and to include your restaurant’s website in the image.

This will not just provide you with numerous possibilities for UGC but also increase the profile of your brand and increase its recognition.

The most effective tip for restaurants that use UGC is to ensure that the content you are sharing matches the brand’s image and voice.

6. Social Media Contests

The next item on our checklist of social media for restaurants suggestions is hosting online contests for social media.

79% of users only visit a restaurant’s Facebook page to receive discounts and incentives.

Do you know someone who does not love free things?

We don’t know anyone similar to that!

Contests on social media are an excellent way of giving these incentives.

Contests on social media are a fantastic way to build rapport as well as engagement from your audience.

Whatever contest you are running through social networks…

…be sure to fulfill certain to be a part of your restaurant’s social media pages and use a specific hashtag.

This can help increase brand recognition and engagement.

The most appealing aspect of this type of contest is the fact that what you win you win at the end is completely yours to decide.

You could offer prizes of lesser value like free meals or discounts for one week.

Perhaps you organize contests that offer greater prizes like throwing a Super Bowl event in your restaurant.

No matter what you decide to do your restaurant’s success will come from hosting contests on social media.

7. Run Social Media Ads

The final item on our restaurant’s social media suggestions of the list…

…will be the very first non-organic method for generating the customer’s trust and bringing new patrons to the restaurant.

This tip is to use social media for ads.

Social media is described as an “pay-to-play” platform to stay in line with the online competition.

It doesn’t mean that you’re required to blow the budget on the budget for social media however.

The largest social media platform happens to be among the sought-after to promote on. The most popular social media platform is Facebook.

93 percent of social media advertising employ Facebook ads.

But what is it that makes Facebook advertisements so effective for restaurants?

The Facebook advertising platform offers you the possibility of creating an extremely targeted audience.

This will ensure that you’re getting your message out to people who live in the area of your restaurant.

Geo-targeted advertisements save restaurants money and time.

This is because they realize that they’re only reaching prospective customers who have the opportunity to go to their establishment.

Facebook also lets you select your customers by age, likes, and interests and the pages they follow.

A major and effective aspects of Facebook ads is the capability to retarget users.

What are retargeting advertisements?

Retargeting advertisements are those that are created to be seen by visitors who have bounced off your site.

That means that they left before without engaging with your company in any way, form or manner.

Restaurants, this could refer to a person who went to your site and browsed through your menu, then went off your website to go to another site…

…without having booked a table or signed Click Here up to your newsletter by email or completed any other action that will benefit your restaurant.