Is hair grafting the only way to recover hair?


When hair is permanently lost, the only way to get it back is with a hair implant. Specifically, for cases of common baldness, it is the only alternative that can restore hair. With 100% satisfactory results. Because with a hair transplant it is possible to restore all the lost hair, for life. Once the surgery is performed, and all the postoperative care is fulfilled, the grafted hair will never fall out.

What is the best technique to perform a hair transplant?

The best technique to perform a hair transplant is the FUE method. Which is the most advanced and innovative procedure. It is characterized by the extraction of hair follicles from a healthy area of ​​the scalp, which will then be grafted onto the bald area of ​​the head. Through a simple and minimally invasive process. No incisions, no scars, no extensive postoperative recovery. Currently, there are several modalities of the FUE method. All effective and highly recommended. Only that each one offers particular advantages to the patient. Such is the case of the Sapphire FUE technique. In which surgical instruments with the best technology are used, capable of making highly precise capillary implantations. An excellent and novel implant technique is available, which is DHI. It can be considered as a variation of the FUE method. It is characterized by the development of surgery without the need to shave the donor area. Likewise, the implantation is done immediately after the extraction of the hair follicles.

Can someone else be my hair donor?

The answer is a definite no. It is mandatory that the hair follicles, which are used in the hair graft, belong to the same person who undergoes the surgery. Keep in mind that hair is unique to each person. It has its own characteristics, with respect to the organism to which it belongs.

Can hair from other parts of the body be used in the hair graft?

Hair grafting is commonly developed by taking hair follicles from the same hair as the person undergoing the surgery. Specifically, those areas that are not affected by the effects of baldness. However, there are cases where it is necessary to use hair from other parts of the body, outside the head. Generally, it is warranted when the area that would be a hair donor is damaged or very scarce. This procedure is known as a Hair transplant clinic with body hair. The donor area can be the chest, the hips or the arms. Although, you have to know that the thickness and appearance of these hairs are different from the hair strands that make up the hair.