Best Surprise Gifts for Girlfriend On Christmas

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I finished my Economics class and came out of the room. It was a bit boring. I headed to Starbucks cafe for a drink. Jean was also there, with her friends. She was chanting, cracking jokes. “ Jean, can I join you?” “George, sure”. I was a bit shy guy. But I took initiative to sit next to her and speak to her.

“Jean, what’s your plan for this year’s Christmas Eve”? Nothing, my family and I will visit grandma’s home in Texas.”Sound’s great.” I just touched my coffee mug with her. She smiled.

We kept dating, now and then. She and I spent time together. Jean was living near my house. So we walked with each other to our university. 

As the winter was approaching, We planned to celebrate it with our common friends. I was also browsing the internet to search for any special deals. Many things were coming to my mind, but I was not sure.

My intention was to give her a surprise gift. So I made a list, which I’m sharing with you all:

  1. Date Night Subscription Box

 This was in my mind for a long time. It contains lots of activities, Jean, and I can play together. Like for e.g. cards game. She will be happy to open it. I’m sure. She will hug me for this.

There are other activities as well. It has a playlist as well. We can listen together on our phones while sharing a sam earphone. How romantic it can turn out to be?

The price of it may decrease every month. It depends on the frequency of the order. Sometimes the company may send snacks as well. Imagine Jean and I on the bed, and putting croissants in each other’s mouths. How lovely it can be? The good news is that they keep changing it each month, so Jean will be wondering every month, and will be calling me to know about its content. 

2. Leather Backpack

I always see Jean carrying books and other notebooks in her hand. It just looks a little awkward. This will be perfect for her. She can put her mobile, and other stuff in it. 

The good thing is that it’s handy and easy to carry. The design and make of it are very beautiful and classic. She will look cute in it.  I think a woman’s bag is full of mystery items. We men cannot guess or wonder about it

3. Foodie Dice

Jean and I are free on the weekends. Jean always asks me to eat for dinner or be breakfast, I‘m also not sure about it. 

I think it will be a handy tool to solve this daily cooking mystery. There are basically different sets of dice, which have different ingredients printed on it. 

We can try different or invent different types of recipes. Jean and I can collect our secret She is a real foodie, so am I. 

We can also make our parties special and interesting with dishes no one ever heard of.

4. Rose Gold Watch

I want to celebrate the moments, we met, and fell in love with each other. The best answer for this could be a  Rose Gold Watch. The outer color of the watch is red. It’s like a rose blended in the form of a watch.

Her favorite flower is the rose, so she definitely going to hug me, for this.  I just imagining about her right hand, and my hands are helping her to wear that lovely watch. It’s just a wonderful feeling. She is going to gaze on it and look at the restaurant door, waiting impatiently for me. I will say” hey, Jean, sorry to keep you waiting. She will be a bit upset with me, then she will be fine. Then we’ll dive into the world of romance together. Love you Jean, my sweetheart

5. Couple Decision Coins

Sometimes, we meet, and we disagree on whether we spend time on the beach together, swimming and surfing the waves. Or we go for a place, which is quiet, and peaceful where we can whisper in each other’s ears about our love words, or just tease each other. 

These coins will help us to decide on a valid and, we can justify each other, and don’t hurt the feelings of each other. It will take us to mutual respect the decisions, we take based on the winning of the tosses. It will make our relationship much stronger, and we’ll not waste time arguing with each other.

6. Tile Mate

Jean and I are tech savvies.So this will be a perfect gift for her. I must admit, she forgets, wallet, watch, or even backpacks to carry to the university sessions. It’s difficult for her to get up in the middle of the class, and go home, looking for these items. 

 It comes with small phone connectivity, along with Bluetooth. The idea is simple. Just install the app. Activate it, and attach it to keychains, laptops, etc. Literally, anything. 

When she wants to look for it. Jean has to go on the app, and through Bluetooth, it will take to that place. The mat will make a sound. 

The good thing which I like about this gadget is that when it’s not reachable. We can contact in its community. People there will report the last location of it. 


After wrapping one of the gifts, and writing the love letter. I was out in my Honda City Price in Pakistan. I was totally excited, that I was going to our friend’s home. As I rang the bell, John opened the door, and all of the people wished me “Merry Christmas”. 

I smiled, and wish them back. My eyes were searching Jean. All the Christmas songs were being played, in the living room.

Suddenly I found Jean, with another guy. “ Hello friends, “ She said. “ Jack, and I going to marry on 3rd January next year. I was shocked and saddened by their announcement. 

I didn’t believe their words. Jack was smiling. Everyone rushed to them and were congratulating them. 

I was the last one, to meet them. They both shook hands with me. But I think, I was the only stranger there. I left their party. 

When I reached home. I was weeping, and hot tears were falling on my cold face, which was filled with ice.

All of the sudden, I transferred to another city, packed my luggage, and left silently to Los Angles. 

After taking a winter break. I joined a new university. In my free time, I was working at a gas station. One day a blue car came. I was Jean was in the driving seat, and Jack was sitting next to him. 

I pretended not to recognize them. But Jean called me by name. I said” Thanks, madam.” “Your bill is 350 dollars”. She handed over to me her credit card. I swiped and gave her the receipt. She was gazing at me, from her rear mirror. But I was handling the next customer.


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