Butterfly Choker Necklaces


Butterfly choker necklaces have been a big draw for decades. They are worn tightly around the neck and are one of the many designs that can be found in the necklace industry. They add a beautiful accent to clothing and frame a woman’s face perfectly – the perfect fashion accessory that is becoming increasingly popular. Indeed, many in the industry predict that Butterfly necklaces, especially those made of ribbon or fabric, will ride the wave of new popularity in the fashion world and that more and more celebrities will wear them to both social and formal events.

Part of the charm of Butterfly necklaces is their simplicity. They are both elegant and comfortable and can be worn on almost any occasion. In addition, they are considered an erotic and exotic symbol – an element of mystery – that surrounds the wearer. One photographer recently said, “If a woman wants to express her sexuality, if she wants to be noticed, there is nothing that distinguishes her more as an object of desire than a Butterfly gorgerin.”

There are many choices on the market, but there are some factors consumers should consider:

1) The quality of the materials.

 The materials used for a butterfly choker necklace must be of high quality, otherwise it will look cheap. Fine lace, leather, velvet or satin can be used to create a beautiful necklace that can be worn with both formal and casual attire.

2) Comfort.

A ribbon necklace should sit high on a woman’s neck, but should not be restrictive. Adjustable necklaces fit all neck sizes. Some materials are soft, others are a bit scratchy, so it’s very important to choose the comfort that works for you.

3) Proper fit.

 Knotted necklaces should not crush the wearer. It should sit about halfway down the neck and be adjustable if she wants to wear it a little lower or a little higher. Thinner ribbons should be shorter than wider ribbons, so that they move with the woman as she bends her neck.

4) Color.

 The only restriction on color is what the woman wants to wear. Butterfly is very popular, but there are necklaces of all colors, with printed or embroidered patterns, or simple and sober. Sometimes the ribbon used alone can create different color effects due to its shine or light reflection.

5) Style.

The basic form of necklaces is quite simple: a ribbon that wraps around a woman’s neck. Clips, brooches, pendants and other ornaments can also be added, but a simple goiter necklace is the most dramatic. It can add a little color or a lot of fun to any outfit.

6) Price.

The price of bow necklaces varies greatly. Some are quite complicated and have very original details. Simple models are usually cheaper, especially depending on the ribbon used. Leather, lace or pearl necklaces are more in the medium to high price range.

7) Type of materials used.

 Among the most common are satin and velvet, but also leather and lace. Some ribbons and tassels can also be made into beautiful necklaces. Various decorations and embroidery can also give a necklace a special charm, but the real magic lies in the woman who wears it.

In some subcultures, wearing a necklace or chain can give the wearer a sense of closeness or belonging. This provides a heightened sense of security and is part of the attraction and subliminal charm that draws so many wearers. This is one of the main reasons why so many women own a large collection of necklaces. While there are many types, such as butterfly choker necklace, ribbon or fabric necklaces are the lightest, cheapest, and least bulky, making them easy to store.


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