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It was not an easy job in the past and even the recent past to have a luxurious life in South Punjab. However, now a very famous Real Estate shows its interest in the most significant yet most populated city of South Punjab.

The housing scheme provides all the necessities to enjoy and has many luxuries and facilities to make the place the best place to live in.

Citi Housing Multan can be the best package if you are interested in living or growing a business in Multan. This Real Estate is vital because of its location, facilities, and price package.

Citi Housing

After successfully building projects of Housing societies and receiving appreciation all across the country, Citi Housing builders have now started a housing scheme in Multan. The Citi Housing Multan is one of the best places to invest in, whether for a resident or a commercial area to buy.

Citi Housing in the past has worked on four different projects based in the different populated cities in Pakistan. They have been working in Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Jhelum, and Sialkot. So the project in Multan is going to be their first project in Southern Punjab, whereas the remaining projects offered services in central Punjab. 

Citi Housing Multan

Citi Housing Multan is the latest project of Citi Housing Schemes; as discussed above, they are coming with a vast experience they have in the past. 

The Citi Housing Multan has been recognized and appreciated by investors, agents, and citizens all across the city. 

The Citi Housing Society Multan is one of the best packages to support living and commercial purposes. The city has the best plans to invest whether one is interested in a residential or commercial apartment or plot.

Citi Housing Multan is going to be a developed most real estate in the Multan. Because of the prime advantage and benefits this estate offers its customers, consumers are way better than their competitors.

The price of the land, facilities, and its prime location make the Citi Housing Multan unique for all the people interested in the City of Multan for the future. 


The Citi Housing Multan is located on the main spotlight of the city, and the housing scheme is located on Bosso Road in Mozza Lutfabad. The housing society is also located near the Bahauddin Zikriya University and the canal view, which makes the project’s location more valuable and prime.


Citi Housing Multan offered 3 types of plans to buy in. You can buy any of these plans depending on your financial budget and your needs.

The people interested can buy 5 Marla, 7 Marla, and 10 Marla. The booking of the property is starting from Rs 500,000/-  


MDA Multan Development Authority officially approves the Citi Housing Multan. It shows that the project is valid and the best one to trust in. The Citi Housing Multan is the best real estate when it comes to opportunity, comfort, luxuriousness, and other facilities, so the best place to invest in.

The approval from the city development authority guarantees the safety of the property you are going to buy from any of the real estate. It is the factor that leads to the financial security of the property and makes it risk-free. 

Living in Multan 

Citi Housing Multan is very special concerning the city it started being developed. Multan has a total population of about 8 million people, approximately 5 percent of the whole state. 

Moreover, Multan is also essential because it is the third-largest city in Pakistan and South Punjab. Living in Multan is also unique because it is one of the biggest technology hubs in the state, and that is why it is essential for commercial purposes.

Multan is a particular city, and it is for further reason. First and foremost, it is a city growing fastly in the area of development and progress. Along with that, it is a city of rich history. So, living in Multan can be the most acceptable deal of one’s life.  

Features and Highlights

Citi Housing Multan is built as a Gated Community and, along with that, provides 24/7 security with CCTVs as well. So the housing scheme will be the warranter of safety and security. 

The Housing Society has good and well-structured roads. The roads are comparatively wider in the area also designed perfectly to facilitate all the consumers, i.e., the residents and the commercials. 

The Housing society, along with these premium necessities, includes many other features and amenities as well. The features and amenities you can have by living or investing in Citi Housing Multan are:

  • Mosque
  • School
  • Citi Medicare
  • Shopping Mart
  • Opera Cinema
  • Theme Park
  • City Parlour
  • 24/7 Power Supply

For further entertainment and relaxation, there also are elements like :

  • Town Monuments
  • Landscaped parks
  • Streetscapes
  • Admin office
  • Monument of Greek Pillars
  • Trafalgar Square Replica

So that was a long list of facilities and features to enjoy in this charming place.

The Citi Housing Multan is one of the most exemplary housing and commercial projects in the city, and living and investing in the business is the best investment to make.

The whole housing scheme provides many facilities whether it belongs to fulfill basic life requirements and it also includes many other entertainment packages for further amazements and joy.

Along with the facilities to support living, there are a handful of opportunities and features to upgrade the business reach. Investing in the Citi Housing Multan for commercial plots or apartments is a prime opportunity and is not to miss out on. 

So if you are interested in living in the City of Multan or growing your business in the city, you must have to consider this option. 

We hope that reading this blog post will help you a lot, and we hope you might consider our advice before investing in Multan.   

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