Drone Mapping Software: Five Of The Best.

drone mapping software
drone mapping software

Getting the right software is critical if you’re using drones for data collection of any type. A software package can transform raw data, whether related to photogrammetry, LiDAR, or asset inspection, into appealing files which can be used to guide key decisions. As drone mapping software evolves constantly, the following list covers drone mapping software from top to bottom.

Propeller Mapper

Propeller has developed drone mapping software for some time. Drone mapping pioneers such as Propeller Mapper, a tool that uses photogrammetry, are well known. Using the Propeller Mapper, you can view RGB images, thermal images, and multi-spectral images.

Propeller Mapper delivers survey-grade findings down to the sub-centimetre level by automating drone flying and image data sharing. Simple templates automate the processing of photogrammetric point clouds if your project is pretty straightforward. Propeller’s support is unmatched even though it is straightforward to measure surface, distance, volume, and elevation.

One of the most distinctive features of Propeller is its ability to map drones in specific industries. A wide variety of fields, including Civil Engineering, Agriculture, Mining, Public Safety, Education, and Construction, have solutions.

Specifically, each set of tools has been developed in response to the unique challenges of drone mapping software in each industry. Geotechnical engineering and other geohazards can be identified using the Mining software package when completing automated stockpile calculations. You’ll find utilities like cut-and-fill estimations, excavation comparisons, and topographic surveys among construction-specific drone mapping software.


Through Nira, large 3D production assets can be rendered in real time and evaluated collaboratively online, even on mobile devices. Nira provides a secure presentation, evaluation, and management solution for product development, technology, and other businesses.

Global Mapper

It is expected that Global Mapper will remain in operation for a long time. Since its inception as a geospatial data viewer, Global Mapper has developed into an extremely accessible software program for drone mapping. Global Mapper provides the most value for your money.

This powerful tool will be used by almost anybody looking for a powerful tool by which to extract the most value from drone data. Among its many features are cut and fill optimization, contour creation, volume measurements, and line of sight modeling.

With the optional LiDAR module, you can categorize and extract features from point clouds quickly, ideal for engineering surveys and asset mapping.


You can use DJI Terra to capture your surroundings, analyze them, and visualize them. Drone data can be converted into digital assets using DJI Terra, a simple mapping application.

A DJI Terra app is the best way to visualize your drone data in 2D and 3D if you’re new to drone mapping. Using several graphics cards simultaneously inside a simple user interface allows DJI Terra to offer unmatched performance and experience.


With Trendspek, organizations can develop and implement asset management strategies and processes in a cost-effective manner. Asset inspection software provided by Trendspek has an easy-to-use interface but is robust. Analyze, annotate, and organize your materials as 3d models or “digital twins.”. Using drone data, make informed, defendable decisions.

An intuitive web platform connects asset owners, operators, and engineers. You can form better views, make better decisions, and achieve more quickly when you communicate about a particular dataset.


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