Four Ways to Make Money Online in 2022, According to Four Experts Who’ve Done It

Four Ways to Make Money Online in 2022, According to Four Experts Who’ve Done It
Four Ways to Make Money Online in 2022, According to Four Experts Who’ve Done It

If you want to make money online, you have many options. Almost too much.

How to start? Do you really need your own website or can you earn extra money on the spot? And more importantly, which approach is best for you given your current work and family situation? You may be closer to your next source of income than you think.

“When I started working as a freelance writer in 2011, I had no money to invest in my business,” says Sarah Janebert, a copywriter, content strategist, and founder of the content collective. “I was in English graduate school and thinking about becoming a teacher.”

“Then I met a guy at a business party. I was in English graduate school and I talked about writing a lot of articles. He told me for his website. I asked if he thought I could write any content. I wondered why. ?That was the start of my copywriting business.”

In some cases, one person who believes in you is all you need to realize your dream of making money online. By taking the time to clear up the basics first, you’ll be able to choose the next best step and get started today.

We asked four online business professionals (people who make over $1 million a year in online business) what they need to know about making money online. Here’s what they said, and how do you decide which income idea is best for you?

Is it possible to earn money online without starting an investment?
You can definitely do it! If you have an internet connection and want to earn money online, you can do it even if you don’t have a solid business model or don’t have your own online store from the beginning. Whether you are offering a service, selling a product, or posting content on social media, the internet has the best part for you to earn extra money.

Satya Purna, cognitive behavioral therapy trainer and founder of Infinite Minds, LLC, says that focusing on solvable problems is more important than flashy logos and expensive software.

“There are a lot of free and low-cost opportunities to make money online, especially in professional services,” she said, citing examples such as web design, digital marketing, search engine optimization, video editing and web consulting. social networks.

“The most important thing to think about is ‘what problem can you solve’. Then find someone who needs to solve this problem, even if you find them on a freelance site like Upwork. Attend a networking event all you need is (1) a problem you can solve, (2) a process you can use with your customers, (3) how to send an invoice or sign a contract and collect cash.”

Neha Gupta, founder of College Shortcuts, a college admissions consultant for families, said a simple website could be a cheap way to start making money online early on.

“When I started, I worked full time at the company and tutored online on weekends and nights,” she says. “Everyone wants to see a website, so I think the first step is to create a website. With domains from Wix and GoDaddy [as a website builder] in an hour. You can do it easily. All for less than $20 Thanks to this, we have a link that you can easily share with others in your conversation.”

Is it possible to earn fast online?
The simple answer is “yes”. In fact, sometimes it’s better to act fast to make money. According to Bert, the challenge of making a quick buck helps him get off the ground, sell online, and stay engaged in his entrepreneurial quest.

“The faster you make money, the more motivated you’ll be to work hard no matter what,” she says. “Fast money rewards give you an incentive to keep earning more, even in the face of difficulties and setbacks.”

Meanwhile, Bert also claims that certain “fast money” ideas can potentially lower your rate and lead to burnout.

“When the goal is to make money faster, you can lower your price and do something with less money than usual, even if it’s the same amount of work. It’s very discouraging and can lead to depression and burnout.”

He documents his first win for future reference to balance short-term priorities and long-term success. This social proof will help him win, so he collects testimonials or testimonials from happy customers early on.


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