“If you combine good Flavours, food turns into an orchestra.”

Joey Fatone

As is said, “Variety is the spice of life.” Flavours give exactly the same novelty every time you experiment with them. The moment you buy your favorite energy drink or healthy snack, it is likely that you read the ingredients list. Many of them contained “natural flavours”.

A Flavour is a sensory phenomenon that is a combination of sensations of taste, odor or aroma, heat and cold, and texture. The appearance of the food is important, but it is the Flavour that ultimately determines its quality and acceptability. Natural Flavouring materials such as spices, essential oils, and fruit juices have been used for long in food preparations. Natural Flavours are the essential oil, essence, distillate, or any product of roasting, or heating, which contains the Flavouring constituents derived from a spice, fruit or vegetable, edible yeast, herb, or similar plant material.

Leading Flavour manufacturers in India believe that using natural flavours makes the food taste better, which enhances their sales. Also, in many cases, they are also an economical way to cover up bad-tasting food. Consider a farm picking its fruits too ripe and shipping them across 10k miles, the ingredients may eventually lack Flavour, color, and sweetness. Adding a hint of natural flavours, suddenly the food will taste sweet and flavourful and brightly colored.

Natural Flavours, like artificial Flavours, are food additives, the main function of which is to add Flavour to food. Think of a banana-Flavoured baked good that doesn’t actually have banana listed in the ingredients or an almond latte without actual almonds. In most cases, natural Flavours appear safe for human consumption when consumed occasionally in processed foods.

Curating natural Flavour substances in India is a big business. Leading food Flavour manufacturers in India are committed to producing the widest range of natural Flavours that serve a diversified clientele. The original source of natural Flavours must be plant or animal material. However, natural Flavours can be highly processed and contain many chemical additives. From a health and wellness point of view, try to focus on choosing fresh or frozen whole foods whenever possible.

Food Flavour manufacturers are only required to list Flavours on ingredient lists, not to reveal the original sources or chemical mixtures of these Flavours. To find out the origin of the natural Flavours, you as the consumer may reach out to the food company by phone or email to ask them directly. Leading food and beverage Flavour manufacturers in India namely Fab Flavours, among others, are offering the widest range of food Flavour essences and encapsulated power Flavours, and many others, to serve the maximum consumer. Being the leading Flavour powder suppliers, they possess age-old expertise in churning out the best natural oil-soluble Flavours that are halal-certified.

Serving a diversified clientele ranging from household to industrial, pharmaceutical, beverage, bakery, confectionery, and other big brands, Fab Flavours has become a name of repute in the Flavour manufacturing industry. There are hundreds of natural Flavours created by food chemists. Ingredients classified as natural Flavours, commonly found in foods and beverages include:

  • Amyl acetate- This can be distilled from bananas in order to provide banana-like bakery Flavours in baked desserts
  • Citral- Extracted from lemongrass, lemon, orange and pimento, it is used in citrus-Flavoured beverages and sweets
  • Benzaldehyde- These are extracted from almonds, cinnamon oil, and other ingredients and are frequently used in foods for Almond Flavourand aroma
  • Castoreum- Used as a substitute for vanilla, this is found in the anal secretions of beavers

Other natural Flavours include- Linden ether (honey Flavour), Massoia lactone (coconut flavour), Acetoin (butter flavour). All these can be produced using lab-created chemicals, in which case they would be listed as artificial flavours. Before artificial or natural Flavours can be added to food, they must be evaluated by the FEMA Expert Panel to confirm that they meet the safety standards. Most natural Flavours determined to be safe through this program have also been reviewed by other International regulatory organizations, such as the European Food Safety Authority. FSSAI is a big name in the field of food Flavour testing organizations.

For the reasons that you could be easily duped between artificial and natural Flavours, it is very important to be aware of the ingredients in the natural Flavours you consume, especially if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

On the contrary, investing your health in Fab Flavours, a trusted experienced food flavours manufacturer in India; is sure to guard you against any health hazards posed by other Flavouring companies in the sector. They offer a wide range of food Flavour essence, flavour powder, soft drink concentrates, and much more, that are sure to level up your production and allow you to build a credible brand image in this competitive marketplace. Invest in the right natural Flavour from Fab today!


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