How to earn as a kid


I can fondly remember growing up, trying to figure out how to earn as a kid.

I tried to sell baseball cards. I would do extra chores around the house. Most of my friends were also interested in how to earn as a kid.

As I’ve gotten older, I realize that many kids today are just like I was then. They are looking for how to earn as a kid and make some extra money.

Luckily, times have changed since I was a kid.

The best way to make money as a kid is to just start. Choose an easy idea and get to work. Get your first customers from people you know like family, friends, and neighbors. Over-deliver on your product or service and ask for referrals. Make a business plan to grow your business. Look for other opportunities for your next business. Establishing a strong digital presence helps businesses to grow. Achieve your goals with minimal effort with the help of Mixx.

Kids have so many options to earn money in this era of technology. Long gone are the days where a kid’s only option of getting a couple of bucks was slaving away at a minimum wage job for a couple of hours during the week. Look through these best ideas about how to earn as a kid.

The best way to earn as a kid is for them to tap into their inner entrepreneur!

Different ways for how to earn as a kid.

Since everyone is different, we wanted to give you a variety of ways that you can make money as a kid. Here they are.

As a kid, learning the value of money and How to earn as a kid is an important life skill you need to learn to prepare yourself for the real world. Having the financial independence to buy all the stuff you always wanted without bothering your parents can be a life-changing experience for any kid and also help you learn how to manage your money effectively.

Gone are the days when kids used to do wage jobs after school to make some extra five or 10 bucks. In this digital age, there are tons of options on how to earn money as a kid and spend your time on the internet productively. By tapping into your inner little entrepreneur and combining it with today’s technology you can make impossible things possible and the sky’s the limit when it comes to income potential and a lot of ways and topics you find on the internet how to earn as a kid.

So, if you’re a kid between the ages of 7 to 12 years old and looking for ideas on how to earn as a kid, we’ll show you how to accomplish that and gain more financial control over your life. Just make sure to get your parent’s or guardian’s consent and supervision on how kids can make money.

Let’s dig into some of the best ways How to earn as a kid

Do Online Research

The best answer to how to earn as a kid is if you have good research skills, don’t let them get wasted. Start selling your skills online or to your siblings or classmates in exchange for money. You can search things for them, find information or data online, and make some good money online. 

Sell Stuff Online

This is the best way to make money as a kid without really doing anything. Every kid has a pile of toys and outgrown clothes in the saddest corner of the attic or storeroom which are no longer in use. Take some time out, sort out all the stuff, take their pictures and start selling them by posting on social media or online auction sites.

Play Games

If you have some killer gaming skills, and why are you looking for how to earn as a kid just put them to good use by earning some cash online. You can test the games for the game developer and programmers and get paid in return. Kids made a great chunk of the game creator’s target market and are considered as the best reviewers of games. Moreover, you can also join gaming contests to earn cash rewards and earn bragging rights. 

Do Garage Sale

A garage sale is the best way to earn money fast as a kid and clean the junk out of your house. Get your parents on board and organize a garage sale. It will not only get you immediate cash but also a great way to learn and hone your management skills. 

Selling Customized T-Shirts

Selling customized T-shirts online can teach you plenty of how to earn as a kid online. Most of the young entrepreneurs began their careers with the T-shirt business. There are tons of websites that make customized T-shirts on demand and you can buy them in bulk. But you’ll have to spend money before making it. Besides, the t-shirt business is a great opportunity to learn business basics to get prepared for the future. 


If you are looking for how to earn as a kid while on the other hand, you’re good at studies, why not you can take those skills and tutor your juniors or classmates to make money as a kid. You can help other kids with homework, assignments, test preparation and can earn $15 to $20 per hour. If you’re a straight student in math, science, or history you have better chances of getting the tutoring job and this job isn’t that challenging or time-taking. 

Babysitting Business

The easiest way kids can make money is through babysitting kids. Look around in your family and neighborhood to see if someone needs a babysitter to watch over their kids for a few hours after school or on the weekend nights. Babysitting can easily earn you a decent amount of money per hour depending on the child and how many they are. You can just be sitting on the couch, playing on your phone and you’ll get the money. Find the babysitting jobs that are suitable for you by making a profile on babysitting sites or you can make some flyers or business cards. 

Lawn Mowing

Another quick and excellent way to earn money fast as a kid is by cutting grass. All you need is the knowledge of important rules for staying safe and some practice with a lawnmower before getting started. This can be a great opportunity for kids to make money in your neighborhood or you can even talk your parents into paying you for it. Lawn mowing jobs can help you earn anywhere between $10 to $50 per yard depending on the size of the yard. 

Take Surveys

There’s a survey website called “Swagbucks” that allows kids 13 and older to take surveys and How to earn as a kid. You just have to take surveys, watch videos or search stuff online from the comfort of your home while making money.

Start Your YouTube Channel

Last but not least, the question is how to earn as a kid. The answer is simple and its Legally, you have to be 18 years of age or older to start a YouTube channel to get paid from Google AdSense. This is where you’ll need your parents’ help. Ask them to create a supervised account for kids under 13, and how to make money as a kid online. YouTube is the platform where you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars based on the quality of your content. The highest-paid YouTube child star Ryan Kaji is 8 years old and made $26 million last year just by unboxing toys.

The question of how to earn as a kid is clear that there are many different easy and simple ways you can earn as a kid.


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