How to maintain misting systems

Misting systems

The misting systems are widely used in many industries. The working principle of the misting systems is to use the compressor (5-12Mpa) to transport the precision-treated pure water to a special nozzle to form light and uniform mist particles. The water mist can float in the air for a long time. It has the effect of beautifying the environment, reducing the temperature, increasing humidity, removing dust, and fresh air. Therefore, when we use the system, we need to know how to maintain it correctly, those methods can help extend the service life of the equipment and ensure the fog effects.

1.Pump maintenance

When you use the pump the first time, the oil can maintain for 50 hours. After it runs out, you need to change the oil every 300 hours. Drain the waste oil from the oil cavity, clean it with new oil before adding it, and add it to the oil glass or 2/3 of the oil cavity. And also, reset the reminder time to clear the old alarm.

● If the pump works continuously for a long time, we suggest it rests for 1 hour every 4 hours.

● When the pump is frequently started and stopped, we suggest that the cycle interval be more than 1 minute to reduce the damage to the motor.

● The output pressure of the pump should adjust to change the density of the fog. We suggest adapting it to 3Mpa-6Mpa.

● Check the water and electricity status of the pump daily and the loosening of the fixing screws of the device.

2 Filter maintenance

Different places have different water quality. Inadequate water quality may cause clogging of the filter of the misters. If your water quality is not good, please change the filter cotton when the water tank does not enter the water or low water flow.

● Regularly check the filter cotton (Such as three-stage filter, stainless steel fine filter, built-in filter, etc.), and replace the filter cotton every 45 days.

●Before replacing the filter cotton, be sure to stop the pump and turn off the water source. The three-stage filter can be replaced by unscrewing the filter barrel, and the stainless steel fine filter can be replaced by loosening the top cover. Pay attention to the seal when restoring.

3. Nozzle maintenance

If the nozzle is blocked and can’t spray, or the amount of mist is tiny, then the pipe will be in a state of overpressure for a long time, which will cause damage to the pump and make the system unable to work typically. Therefore, regular maintenance of the nozzle is essential. It can ensure the fog effect and the extension of the service life of the pump.

● We recommend replacing the filter cotton in the nozzle every 2 months. If your water quality is not good, the maintenance needs to shorten the time.

● The nozzle can be soaked in white vinegar for 24 hours. If the effect is still not good after soaking, you need to replace the nozzle directly.

4. Water tank cleaning

Since the water source contains microorganisms, moss or other impurities will tend to grow on the water tank wall for a long time. If the contaminants fall off and into the pump, it will affect the equipment’s regular operation and block the liquefaction head.

● Using a special cleaning agent to clean it can remove foreign objects and leftover liquid. Please clean it every 3 months to ensure the regular operation of the equipment.

5. Water softener device maintenance

If you need to use a water softening device, 10kg of soft water salt needs to be introduced into the salt bucket first, and the water is filled up to absorb the salt process. Added the salt once a week and 5kg each time. After the epoxy resin adds to the tank, it can be used for 5 years.

6. Daily inspection

Suppose the equipment hasn’t been used for a long time. Then before use, it needs to clean the water tank, soak the nozzle, replace the oil and filter cotton, check the water and power supply, and check the fixing and connection of the host components.

7. Maintenance in winter

In some places with higher altitudes, the climate is cold in winter, and the water is easy to freeze, and the volume of the water will expand after freezing, which will damage the pipes and fittings. So it is necessary to stop the operation of the machine or take anti-freezing measures.

● After the equipment is stopped in winter, please unscrew the water tank and its internal water pipe joints to empty water. And remove 5-10 nozzles or joints in the spray area in time to empty the water. The filter also needs to drain the water in case of cracking after freezing and swelling.

①Using antifreeze to introduce into the water tank, and the pump works for 6 seconds to stop spraying out to achieve the antifreeze effect

②Use thermal insulation cotton and heating tape to heat and keep the pipes to prevent cracking after freezing.

③Build a greenhouse to prevent freezing at low temperatures.


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