How to Make a Successful Marketing Video


.Going viral is the message most people associate with a successful social media marketing campaign. But is it the best measure and How do you create a successful marketing video to promote your company or products without seeming too intrusive? 

Video marketing is growing in popularity and most marketing gurus believe it is the future of marketing. People prefer watching videos to reading content – in 2018, around 85% of internet users in the US watched videos online. If you can create great marketing videos, they’ll be easy to share on social media and your audience will grow overnight. Videos will allow you to communicate more freely and effectively with your audience, giving them a clear idea of why they should buy from you and how your products can benefit them. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to create professional marketing videos that will engage your audience and increase sales.

Observe your audience from the start

According to the latest data, the average viewing time is now just 8.5 seconds. So to create a great marketing video, you need to pay attention to your audience right from the start. Start with a big promise or a big problem that your audience needs to solve to be interested in what you say next. 

Most professional marketing videos have a ‘hook’ – a short preview of what’s to come in the video that shows viewers what they might miss if they keep watching the page. You can also create a hook after recording a video, quickly summarise what you want to say and then edit it.

The second hook is visual; it appears even before the video starts: create a good thumbnail that grabs attention. On YouTube and Facebook, you can upload a thumbnail image that stands out from the rest of the video or content as people scroll through their feed.

Focus on the story, not the sale, in your marketing videos

Gone are the days when a marketing video had an actor half-heartedly shouting at you, using intrusive sales messages and contrived scare tactics. Today, selling has to be more subtle and based on a relationship with your audience. This can be achieved with a successful marketing video that is part of a well-designed campaign that builds your profile and offers something useful to your audience.

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, the online ‘marketing bustle’ only annoys customers. Instead, tap into the emotional connection with your audience by appealing to their interests and preferences.

Creating a good marketing video doesn’t have to be just about why customers should buy your product. It can also be about the history of your company, behind-the-scenes footage or interviews with people, and a useful guide that people will bookmark, come back to and share with friends. 

Create an interesting and engaging marketing video

We all love to laugh – it’s the best way to connect with your audience. Your audience doesn’t want to be lectured or bored with flat facts. Instead, think about how people use your products or what’s good about your product and make a video about it. Better still, think about the problems you are solving and how they arise in people’s everyday lives. Can you present these problems in a fun and accessible way and at the end mention your product that improves the situation?

For inspiration on what types of videos, have a look at the examples 360 video.


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