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Know All About the Cost for Canada Permanent Resident Visa from India

Canada permanent resident visa
Canada permanent resident visa

The cost varies for each immigrant program, the immigration consultant you have selected, education assessments, etc. Also, whether you’re applying for Canada Express PR or other ways of getting a Canada permanent resident visa, you must pay IRCC set fees. 

IRCC or Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada set fees can differ under separate programs and requirements, including spouse visa Canada requirements, temporary work permit, dependent visa, etc. 

The Initial Cost for Canada Permanent Resident Visa:

You may have to pay the expenses for each of these steps. The steps are:

● ECA or Educational Credentials Assessment

● If applicable, category for Quebec Skilled Worker Program 

● After applying, the cost for a Canada PR visa

● Provincial Nominee Program

The Payment for Canada Express PR:

The cost for Canada Express PR is divided into five stages: 

● If your degree is not recognized by Canada, you will need an ECA or Educational Credentials Assessment for validating your education transcripts. You must pay 230$ or an extra 85$ to 220$ for fast express courier services. Once you have your IELTS scorecard and letter of ECA result, you can move on to the next stage.

● You have to fill an EE application form online. It’s free of cost.

● The next stage in applying for Canada Express PR is paying the visa expense. These will also depend on the number of people involved in the application, including the dependents. The dependent expense for each child is CAD 225.

● You will also have to pay for a medical exam and police verification certificate. The expenditure varies for your source city, including the visa requirements. 

● For stage four, you must complete your biometrics. The cost for this will be around CAD 85-100. 

● At this stage, you need to send the details of your passport. If you have a working passport, then this expense will not be applicable. But, if you need to apply for a passport, it is advisable to apply for it before you set out with your immigration application. Creating a passport will cost you around INR 1000 -2500. 

Each Canadian province has its unique charge. For instance:

  • British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP): 1150 CAD 
  • Ontario Immigration Nominee Program or OINP: 1500 CAD
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program or MPNP: 500 CAD
  • Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program or SINP: CAD 350
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program: Single Applicant: 785 CAD: Partner or Spouse: 168 CAD; Dependent Chile: 168 CAD

The other charges you have to consider include proof of funds and tickets for traveling. 

The Expense for Health Certificate:

You need to prove your mental and physical wellness by going through a medical examination. These will be a part of the application for all the individuals involved in the process. Even if you are planning on bringing along dependents with you, the medical assessment will be a part of the dependent, parents, and spouse visas Canada requirements.

● Your expenditure for the medical exam will be nearly CAD 110.

● IRCC selects the hospitals and doctors.

● You can find the list of eligible hospitals on the official website.

● The health certificate will be valid for the next year.

Evidence of Financial Stability:

It is mandatory to submit evidence of financial stability to the officials of IRCC.

● You can offer your current bank statement or evidence of your investments.

● You have to be capable of providing for your family for three months if you don’t already possess a job offer in Canada.

● You have to submit evidence of financial stability if you are migrating to Canada with your family.

You are free of following this step when:

● You have a job in Canada.

● You have the authorization to hold a job in Canada.

● You can meet the needs of the Canadian Experience Class Program.

Expenditure for the Police Clearance Certificate:

● You must pay INR 500 to get the police clearance certificate.

● If you have lived in a variety of nations, you will need PCC from all those countries for the past ten years.

● You must present the certificate before or on the day of submitting your visa finally.

● Through Passport Seva Kendra, you can get PCC in India.

● The External Affairs Ministry subjects the PCC to passport holders.

Time to Process Canada Permanent Resident Visa:

● You will get a reply in six months from the IRCC.

● IRCC examines each detail in the applications.

● It takes considerable time to inspect each detail in the applications as they get thousands of applications regularly.

● You need to wait for the response.

● You must submit all your documents accordingly regarding your professional and academic profile.

● After you avail of the PR card, you need to follow the rules about arriving in Canada.

Partner with the top immigration consultants to learn about the dynamic cost requirements for each pathway, including Canada express PR, temporary permit, visit visa, etc.  



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