Learn To Keep The Residence Roof Cool in The Hot Weather


In tropical countries, almost everyone’s condition is weakened during hot weather. If one of them is in the room under the roof or on the top floor, there can be various problems. The roof gets hot due to the intense sun; then, the house gets hot. Even if you install AC, you have to get a lot of speed to cool the house. Again the electricity bill goes up. However, if some rules are followed, it is possible to keep the roof cool even in summer.

Roof garden

The best way to keep a roof cool is to plant a roof garden. This can be done quickly if you have your own home. You can plant many trees on the roof. You can also spread the grass again. These trees and grasses will shade the roof floor directly from sunlight. Again the soil of the tree will absorb the sunlight. As a result, the roof cannot be heated quickly. However, before gardening on the roof, make sure that the roof is waterproof and that the outer wall or slab of the roof cannot draw water. If not, the house is more likely to be damaged.

Paint the roof white Another way to lower the roof temperature is with a reflective roof surface. For this, you have to paint the roof floor. These colors act as thermal insulators by reflecting sunlight. It can be used to keep the house cool. If you want to do it again quickly, you can apply lime to the roof. You can get roofer Dublin of your own choice. However, one problem is that this color washes away in the rainy season. You have to paint every summer. Another way is to wrap the roof floor with ceramic or porcelain.

Put a shed on the roof

Roof floor or slab made of concrete. It can retain heat for a long time. Later that heat heats the room downstairs. To solve this problem, you can put a shed on the roof. You can solve the problem by lifting the wall on the roof or installing fake shades. Again you can make a pergola on the roof and wrap the leaves. The roof will be cold; the beauty will be multiplied. You can use heat-resistant flooring, wooden deck tiles, or terracotta tiles. As a result, the room under the roof will not get too hot. In addition, when walking on the roof, the feet will not burn. Many tiles reflect sunlight and keep the roof cool.

Install solar panels on the roof

The roof can also be covered with the help of solar panels. These solar panels contain photovoltaic cells that prevent the roof from heating up. Many kinds of roof-related services you can offer your local roofers in Dublin. Later, solar panels will collect solar energy and convert it into solar energy. However, keep in mind that these solar panels can be installed on the entire roof only if it is a multi-story building.

The easiest way to keep the roof cool is to spread the straw on the roof. You can also see by adopting this method.