OceanWP vs Float Review 2023 – Who Is Better

OceanWP vs Float Review 2023 - Who Is Better

OceanWP vs Float Review

Features of OceanWP

What is OceanWP?

OceanWP is a WordPress theme that uses professional features. 

OceanWP has competition in the form of Divi, Elementor, Astra, Seedprod, and others. 

OceanWP: Design

All right, let’s go. Design is certainly one of the most important factors when choosing a WordPress theme. Because not all themes offer great template options. OceanWP shines here. You can change anything. You don’t need coding skills or anything like that. Everything is simple and within reach. Apply your favorite colors and put them on your site. 

Choose whatever font you want. You can also choose google fonts. Changing the typography to specific areas and sections is also available. Globally, your site must look unique. Your main page, blog page, store page, and so on are all easy to change with the OceanWP theme.

Header options OceanWP comes with seven free header styles. Of course, in addition to this, you can also create the header yourself the way you like it the most. You can change the style of the header on each page, so let’s say you have a header in one style on the main page and another style on the blog page. Additional controls and options are available.

You can create a social header and put, for example, the icon of Facebook, Instagram, and so on, and that way, you connect with your audience. In addition to this, you have the option of a logo. You can change the size of the logo depending on which screen it is displayed on, for example, on a phone or a computer. You also have three mobile menu styles that you can change regardless of the style of the main header.

Next in line are additional design features that are available in the paid package. You have three styles of pagination at your disposal. Display your information in the lower part of the footer. And make those changes directly through the theme customizers. 

OceanWP: Speed and Performance

As in every review, in the OceanWP review, we move on to a very important segment of the WordPress theme, which is performance.

Slow page loading means you lose a lot of visitors. In this segment, OceanWP performed excellently and belonged to one of the fastest themes.

OceanWP: WooCommerce

Woocomerce integration is available and completely free. Create your store and arrange it to perfection so that, in the end, you will be amazed by yourself and not only by your visitors. Choose between several style options. You can turn off specific sections or turn them on however you want, everything is so simple. You can change the billing process of your product, for example. 

Let’s say that it is a payment in several steps and then in one step, however, you choose. Add more filter options for your customers to make shopping easier for them. You can choose between four Store styles, Namely, Hower, Image Swap, Featured Image, and Gallery Slider. A toolbar is also available to introduce new sorting options to your visitors.

In addition, you have the option of a quick search, that is, to search for something without leaving the same page. Enable or disable store elements is all you wish. Let’s say enable to see the product description, the icon that you can add the product to the basket, then the product price, the product category, and so on. 

You can also set conditional options. For example, all users who come to your site and are also unregistered will not be shown the product’s price until they are registered. Only after registration will they be able to see the price and other information. This is a great thing for anyone who wants to increase the number of their users. 

You can adjust the number of columns in your store, that is, in how many columns your products will be displayed, and the same for the number of products in rows. You can change the two styles of paganization and, let’s say, make the pages change numerically by numbers or infinitely. It’s up to you. 

Ultimately, everything about WooComerce is to minimize everything, that is, to remove unnecessary things from the site so that your visitors can focus only on shopping.

Features of Float

What is Float?

Another in a series of themes comes from the Themify family. 

In this blog, we will provide a brief overview of the Float WordPress theme. 

On my blog, you can read another theme from the Themify family: Ultra.

Float: Features

Okay, let’s go in order. 

In terms of design, you can create floating effects with the Float theme. You can import your own design using the drag-and-drop builder. 

This is an excellent option for people who don’t want to waste time starting from scratch but want to import a finished demo and change the content and finish a big job.

You can modify your CSS by inserting your own codes.

Google fonts are also available, of which there are over 600, so you will be satisfied.

Themify themes always work with the latest version of WordPress.

Like most themes, the Float theme also has a WooCommerce integration option. 

All you have to do is install the plugin and start setting up your online store.

OceanWP vs Float Comparison

We will make this comparison through three categories: design, speed, and price.

OceanWP vs Float: Design

In terms of design, OceanWP wins easily. The number of options and features is large with the OceanWP theme.

OceanWP vs Float – Won: OceanWP

OceanWP vs Float: Speed

As in the first category, OceanWP wins in the second as well. OceanWP belongs to fast themes and loads in less than a second.

OceanWP vs Float – Won: OceanWP

OceanWP vs Float: Price

OceanWP Price

There is a free version that is absolutely great, maybe it doesn’t have premium features like the paid packages, but it’s really good and top-notch for beginners. Many features are available for free with OceanWP, which is not the case with other themes. They are particularly proud of this field. Many free options are free that other themes either don’t have or are available in the paid pro version.

Okay, let’s take a look at what each of these packages has to offer. The Personal package is a package that is also the cheapest of the three. You can use it for three locations. The package price is $35 annually, or if you want a lifetime, then it costs $144. If you decide to buy a lifetime package, it will pay off after four years. Here are some product features. I will speak as if the package was purchased for one year. There are 12 months of premium product updates, then seven free extensions, 12 months of basic customer support, 14 premium extensions, and so on. 

Okay, so we come to the second package, called business. This is the package that the vast majority opt for. The price of this package is acceptable and is $49 per year. While a lifetime costs $196, it’s also a package that expires after four years if you take a lifetime. The package can be used at a maximum of 6 locations, which is twice as much as the first package. Of course, as for other features, everything is available in the first package with the plugin: you have access to webinars, access to a unique online contact, you will be the first to know about new news and updates, freepik direct image import, and much more. 

And at the very end, the third or best Agency package. The price of the package is $79 per year. While it costs $318 for life. It can be used for up to 50 locations, which is a great option. From other options, everything is available in the previous two packages with the addition of a few options, such as You can become an OceanWP partner, being featured in the newsletter, get an OceanWP partner badge. 

Float Price

The Float comes with three paid pricing packages. The first and cheapest package is called Single Themes. The price of this package is 59$. Within this package, you have available support for one year and updates. The Themify builder option is also available within this package. 

The second package on the list is the Master Club, which is also the most popular package of the three. One for its features and one for its $89 price. This pack comes with 42 themes with photoshop files. Plus, an additional 11 plugins and 25 more buildable plugins. 

At the very end, we come to the third package, which is also the last one on the list. This package is called Lifetime Club, and the price of the package is $249. For this price, you get access to themes, lifetime updates, and lifetime plugins. 

The good thing about all three packages is that you can use them in an unlimited number of locations. If unsatisfied with the theme, you have a 30-day money-back option.

OceanWP vs Float – Won: OceanWP


In the end, it is not difficult to conclude who won. OceanWP is a much better theme than Float in every segment.


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