Platform trolley or Sack truck: what to choose?

Platform trolley or Sack truck: what to choose?
Platform trolley or Sack truck: what to choose?

Sack trucks and trolleys are one of our most popular material handling products. They are easy to store, easy to use and incredibly versatile. With the help of one of these, it is easy to move heavy objects around the building without the risk of injury or accident.You can buy Sack Truck in a full host of different colours, styles, frames and specifications. At first glance, all of this may seem a little daunting, with so many options to choose from, so here’s what you need to know about buying a sack truck or trolley for your business.

Platform trolleys are long, flat bed trolleys with solid decks underneath and castor wheels rotating. A large deck means that it is suitable for carrying heavy items, but it also means that you have to lift the items manually on the bed of the truck, it is not good if the items are too heavy. Some platform trolleys have brakes on the handles, making it easier to control even on slopes.

Sock trucks are straight-moving, with solid toes at the bottom that can slide down boxes and other items. This gives them the advantage that they are able to easily lift and move heavy objects without any human intervention. However, their construction means that they are not the best for moving large or heavy objects, as they will over-balance or fall off the edge.

Therefore, it is best for trolleys to be bigger and heavier but not heavier, and smaller, heavier items are better with trucks. But what if you need to move a variety of objects? Or really don’t know what you’re going to move? Well, fortunately you don’t always have to make a decision.

Both 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 truck work together, making them super versatile and ready for almost anything. The largest capacity can handle up to 400kg weight, and is a great option if you have a variety of rotating needs but just want to buy a truck.

Steel or aluminium frame: which frame to choose?

Most sack trucks are available in aluminium or steel construction. Each comes with its own pros and cons, and the right choice will depend on what you need to move.

Aluminium is extremely light. This can make it easier to store your truck and move it where it is not possible to turn it on its wheels, such as when it is lifted into the back of a van. It is easy to manoeuvre, and with its natural resistance to corrosion of aluminium, you can be confident that it will last a long time.


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