Reasons To Choose Aluminum Windows And Doors


As a homeowner, the choice of your windows and doors is very important, but it is an aspect that is often overlooked. Technological advances in the field of window and door manufacturing are staggering: new breakthroughs in soundproofing, insulation, strength and overall performance of doors and windows are developing at a rapid pace. So doors and windows that were installed ten years ago may look outdated compared to what is offered on the market.

Plus, if you live in a place with severe inclement weather, your safety is a consideration in your decision. Outdated windows won’t withstand a flying projectile like modern aluminum windows will. People who live in areas of blizzards, hurricanes or tornadoes can greatly benefit from advances in aluminum windows and doors.

By choosing aluminum windows and doors, you are choosing to keep your home up to date. This may seem paradoxical, because just a few years ago aluminum windows and doors were losing popularity, while vinyl ones were all the rage. Recently, this trend has been reversed, and with good reason: more and more buyers are realizing that the advantages of aluminum windows and doors far outweigh those offered by vinyl or traditional wood ones.

So why should I go for aluminum windows and doors?

Modern, minimalist design is popular. Only aluminum windows and doors give you this look.
Today, more and more designers demonstrate a minimalist style in their concepts. Clean lines are contemporary while curved lines are old-fashioned. Thin and subtle window and door frames are all the rage. This look is simply impossible to achieve with wood or vinyl for several reasons.

First of all, color is an important part of the modern look. Aluminum window and door frames retain a vibrant color much better than any other material. Wooden frames, in particular, can look bland and their appearance deteriorates over the years. In contrast, aluminum windows and doors are now offered in a resplendent color array like bright red, turquoise or even mustard yellow, and they will never lose their shine.

Aluminum windows are strong and durable.

Additionally, a minimalist look requires a very thin bezel for a high glass-to-frame ratio. This is not possible with wood or vinyl window and door frames. Why ? Quite simply, because aluminum windows and doors are stronger. The weight-to-strength ratio of aluminum windows is much higher than that of vinyl or wood. This advantage means that aluminum window frames can afford to be much thinner while still supporting thick or oversized glass. In fact, they can be up to three times stronger than vinyl windows, and over fifty times stronger than wood!

Beyond the minimalist look sought after by the latest trends, homebuyers want ample indoor and outdoor space with ease of access. This desire is more easily achieved with sliding patio doors that maximize glass and minimize framing. Because aluminum sliding doors are very sturdy and support a higher glass-to-frame ratio, you will get a sliding patio door of a much larger dimension if it is constructed from aluminum.

So if you want to follow the trend and invest in large windows with a minimalist frame and a huge sliding patio door that lets the outdoors into your home, the choice is simple: aluminum.

Aluminum windows and doors are cost effective.

There’s a reason aluminum windows and doors were all the rage in the past. These are the same reasons that bring them back to the fore today. Quite simply, aluminum is inexpensive to manufacture. This means that homebuyers of all budgets are now offered an array of design, color, size and quality options in aluminum. They can afford to invest in the best aluminum doors which are less expensive than high quality wood doors. Currently, the performance of aluminum windows and doors is at the cutting edge of technology, therefore the best on the market. The advancements in aluminum window and door technologies are incredible.

“What are these incredible technological advancements,” you ask? First of all, there is a misconception circulating that aluminum windows and doors are less energy efficient than other materials because aluminum is a natural conductor of heat.
Today, this is categorically wrong. Modern aluminum doors incorporate thermal breaks, insulated frames and they can be constructed with multiple panes, with or without lamination. This offers incredible energy efficiency, as well as powerful soundproofing capabilities.

In addition, the colors of aluminum doors will never fade. Why ? Because today, aluminum windows and doors are made with anodized or baked finishes. They will not lose their color like paints on wood or vinyl do. This item is great for the home buyer: your home will look new and fresh for years to come, and will not require any touch up.

There are many advantages to choosing the aluminum window and door frame, and there are even more reasons to choose Gladman Iron Doors modern and clean aluminum door and window designs. Gladman Iron Doors custom builds all the doors and windows in your home, ensuring that each room is of the highest quality and perfectly matched to the specifications and needs of your home. We also rely only on the highest quality aluminum to deliver maximum thermal performance. Energy efficiency is therefore at the forefront with all our aluminum products. We have over 100 unique and modern door designs, along with different color handles and hardware options to make your aluminum door stand out from the crowd. Finally, our door and window locking mechanisms are top-of-the-line: multiple locking mechanisms at 1, 3 or 5 points ensure that our doors and windows meet, and even surpass, the safety requirements of our customers. If your home has wood or vinyl windows, it might be time to make a change. Invest in your home by opting for durable, aesthetic, economical, efficient and profitable aluminum windows and doors.

Speak to a Gladman Iron Doors expert – we’ll help you choose the best aluminum doors that suit your budget, your home, your needs and the lifestyle you deserve!


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