Home News The Top Cancer Hospitals For Stomach Cancer Surgery in India

The Top Cancer Hospitals For Stomach Cancer Surgery in India

The Top Cancer Hospitals For Stomach Cancer Surgery in India
The Top Cancer Hospitals For Stomach Cancer Surgery in India

Stomach cancers usually get diagnosed after progressing past the initial stage. Due to this reason, nearly all patients with stomach cancer need some kind of surgery for their treatment. It can either be a minimally invasive surgery or a conventional open surgery. The goal is to get the best shot at treating the disease and improve the quality of life of a patient by allowing them to eat more comfortably.

Types of surgeries for stomach cancer

To treat stomach cancer, the surgeons might perform a:

Total gastrectomy: In this case, the doctors remove the stomach completely, along with the surrounding fatty tissues and lymph nodes. After that, the surgical team links the intestines and the esophagus. The surgeon might create another new pouch or stomach, by folding a part of the intestines, to ensure more efficient digestion.

Partial gastrectomy: It is a procedure that removes a part of the stomach. Typically, the doctors remove the fatty tissues and lymph nodes to ensure that the cancer is completely removed from the body. 

The process of recovery after the surgery depends mainly on how much of the patient’s stomach is removed. Patients are recovered to be hospitalised for about a week for gastrectomy. 

There are risks to each surgery, and such procedures need precision. Selecting a care team and the best cancer specialist in India with years of experience can help in reducing the risks.

Max Healthcare for the best cancer specialist in India

As mentioned before, surgery for stomach cancer is not without risks. Thus, it is important to consult a doctor with prior experience dealing with such cases. Additionally, you need a hospital that can offer the best surgical facility, along with the highly trained medical staff. Max Hospitals ticks all these boxes and more when it comes to stomach cancer surgery.

As one of the leading centers for a stomach cancer operation, Max Hospitals have the specialists, support staff, and equipment to ensure a successful outcome of the procedure. The availability of modern lab facilities with advanced equipment ensures that the doctors can refer to accurate test results before carrying out the procedure. 

The doctor will assess if you need other targeted therapies, apart from the surgery. You can expect the experts to suggest you the right treatment as per the progress of your condition. The experts will ensure that you are informed about the entire treatment procedure that is being planned.

The endnote

Whether it is to get a second opinion about cancer or the first checkup for cancer-like symptoms, Max Hospitals is your best bet. Book an appointment with a top oncologist at the hospital right away to start the treatment. After all, keep in mind that the path to wellness in cancer starts with early intervention.



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