Thermal Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) And Sublimation Printing


If you are reading this post, we can assume that you need help deciding which is best for thermal transfer or sublimation printing, or at least know the difference between the two decoration methods. Anyway, we are very happy! The potential for garment customization and the financial possibilities of customization are enormous. Turning your passion for decoration into a permanent business has never been easier.

In today’s post, we will discuss the difference between thermal transfer (HTV) printing and sublimation printing based on the initial cost, quality and durability of the design, and the limitations of each decoration method.

What is Thermal Heat transfer vinyl manufacturers(HTV)?

Thermal heat transfer vinyl manufacturers are a special type of vinyl used mainly for decoration and personalization. This plastic-based material is used in a wide variety of applications such as automotive trim, shop signage, t-shirts and clean baby clothes.

Vinyl used for car stickers and t-shirts is no longer the same. Vinyl used to personalize clothing is a special polyurethane that is flexible, soft and extremely durable. You can cut out a pattern with a vinyl cutter and apply it to a piece of fabric using a hot press or a hot iron. Ferrous vinyl is suitable not only for t-shirts, but also for overalls, aprons, shopping bags, shoes and even wood.

What is sublimation printing?

Unlike HTV, sublimation printing is a chemical process of transferring dye/ink to a product using heat. This embellishment method is best for transferring high-quality, vibrant images to objects or products without losing the original image resolution on polyester.

Don’t be afraid of fancy definitions. The sublimation process is as simple as printing a pattern on special sublimation paper and heating the pattern on the garment.

The actual technical process for dye sublimation is a chemical process in which a solid is converted to a gas without going through the liquid phase. This allows graphics to be mixed in full color with polyester and resin coated substrates; Also known as digital sublimation.

Thermal heat transfer vinyl manufacturers (HTV) and sublimation printing | What is the diffrence?

Each of these decorating techniques is great for anyone starting a full-blown T-shirt business or looking to personalize their baby outfits as an extra hustle. But how much does it cost to start your own clothing business using each of these methods?

Initial cost

To start your heat heat transfer vinyl manufacturersdecoration you will need a heat heat transfer vinyl manufacturers(HTV), heat transfer press, vinyl cutter, blank t-shirts or other clothing, sorting tools, patterns. This is a pretty short list of the equipment you’ll need to customize your clothing with thermal vinyl printing. The two biggest investments on this list are a heat press and a vinyl cutter.

Vinyl can be purchased in rolls or in a single sheet, and clean clothes can also be purchased individually or in bulk.


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