Things you should know before starting on edibles

Things you should know before starting on edibles
Things you should know before starting on edibles

Weed lovers are having a feast presently. As more states start legalizing cannabis, you can spread the word to all of your friends who might have a knack for trying it out. Among all the available variants, edibles are one of the most preferred mediums for consuming weed. For the uninitiated, edibles refer to all kinds of beverage that contains an appropriate portion of THC and CBD.

Of course, you will desire the best experience when you try edibles for the first time. Here, in this article, we highlight the accurate way to commence taking edibles and that you are never deprived of that much-needed “satisfactory” feeling.

The time factor for that “feel good” effect

Okay, so you do not prefer smoking weed, instead, edibles are your cup of tea. Naturally, it will take a bit longer before the effects start showing when you take edibles. Then again, you have to consider numerous aspects like the quality of the edible, the food you have eaten before taking the edibles, and so on. According to the experts, it can take up to two hours before it starts impacting your body. The timeline can differ depending on the digestive system of the individual too. But once the effects start kicking in, you will enjoy it a lot more even if you smoke. We will elaborate on the reason later.

The edible benchmark for beginners

We recommend starting slow, i.e. in low quantities. Usually, the preferable quantity for edibles is 10mg. but as a starter, go with one-fourth of the said dosage. After taking it, wait and watch the duration before you start feeling the effects. Gradually, you can increase the osage to the preferable dosage. You can consider looking at authentic sites like where you can get edibles containing variable THC doses. Furthermore, the edibles from authentic places will have proper information on their THC content and the way you should store it.

The best edible to start with

Whether you consider taking a walk to the local dispensary or contacting a weed delivery company online, the wide array of edible products will surely make choosing difficult. So, which one should I try first, will it be the cookies or the candies? We advise kicking off with the gummy. Moreover, while the selection is more or less based on preference, the “real” effect will kick in depending on the THC content. Do remember, purchasing edibles from a dispensary having a valid license. It will help you to get the right product for the amount spent.

Prepare yourself before starting with edibles

It is imperative, pairing the edible you are about to try with a meal, preferably rich in fats. Such foods will help the effects of the edible to last longer. No matter how excited you feel, ensure that you take it responsibly. Avoid the temptation of mixing edibles with alcohol. Both having sedative effects will affect you adversely.

Consuming a bit too much

Despite the above guidelines, some curious beginners might end up taking more than the preferable dosage. It will naturally, take a toll on the body. You will end up feeling high for at least a couple of hours. Alternatively, when you are in a mood for experimentation, keep another dose of CBD ready, for countering the effects of edibles with THC.

As mentioned earlier, the effects are variable for different individuals. Some of you may lie on the couch and sleep for hours before the effects start receding. Drinking an appropriate amount of fluids can also be a good idea if you want to lessen the duration of the effects. Make it a habit of consuming edibles moderately; indulging in it daily is not a good decision.

The price of edibles

Although the price of edibles will largely vary state-wise, typically, edibles will cost you around $20 and $40 for products with 100mg of THC.  As you know, your required dosage is 10mg, accordingly, the edibles available for purchase are available in packs of ten. If you wish to get a single dose, you might have to shell out between $5 and $10.

Things to avoid after consuming edibles

Remember, you are free to try and enjoy edibles at your home. Thus, it is not a great idea if you desire to fly to different state carrying edibles. You will be prosecuted for carrying edibles in the airport.

Reasons that make edibles preferable to smoking

When you try weed, with a bong, pipe, or joint, a significant percentage of the THC content is lost owing to the heat. On the contrary, you are consuming the edible as a whole. Ultimately, you are ingesting the full THC content. Once the liver starts metabolizing, it produces another compound that enhances the efficiency of THC. Thus, the “high” feeling stays for a greater duration.


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