Tips to Get a Canadian Passport While Living in the UK

Tips to Get a Canadian Passport While Living in the UK

Canadian Passport

Do you want your first passport or are you looking to renew an expired one? It can be easy to manage while working in the UK. Make sure to arrange perfect Canadian passport photos.

A passport via international mail can increase your postal expenses. Remember, this method is not difficult to obtain your Canadian passport.

Complete the application form

Check the official webpage of the Canada embassy in the UK to apply for a passport. You may find complete details on their government website. These pages contain basic information for applying for a passport. It is crucial to choose a suitable option, such as requesting an adult passport, renewing the passport, applying for a new passport, etc.

Before filling out an online application, you will need Canadian passport photos. After filling out your application, you must print it and manually complete the remaining information. Make sure to sign every page. Remember, a new applicant must arrange for a sponsor to fill out relevant information and covenants on his behalf.

The applicant will provide two unrelated references. You have to be aware of these people for about two years. The guarantor must be a separate person.

Passport photos

The renewal or original application must come with two identical, unaltered original passport photos printed on the highest-rated photo paper. Remember that Canadian requirements may differ from US passport photos. For this reason, carefully request Canadian passport photos from the experts


You will need focused, clear photos with a white or pale background. Make sure to show your head and shoulder with neutral expressions. Keep your head straight and avoid wearing a head covering.

You may be allowed to wear something for religious reasons. You shouldn’t obscure your facial features. Feel free to wear glasses, but they shouldn’t have tint or glare. Photographs must be 50 x 70 mm wide, 2 “” wide, 2 “” long with a head 1 – 1 7/16 “.

Photos should depict natural skin tone; Therefore, avoid wearing makeup. The back of the photo must contain the name of the studio or the name of the photographer as well as the full date and title. The guarantor must sign an acknowledgment on the back of the photo to confirm that your photo is original.

Gather important required documents

If you want a new passport, you must provide proof of your Canadian citizenship. You must share your birth certificate or long or short certificate of citizenship, birth registration abroad, naturalization, and Canadian citizenship. It may be issued by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship in Canada).

It should contain an official proof of identity, including government ID, military ID, driver’s license, etc. If you want to renew your passport, you must present your old Canadian passport. Be sure to confirm Canadian passport photos. Your old passport may cover the basic requirements.

To change the name, determine the gender, or replace the stolen, damaged or lost passport, you must send the relevant documents. It is necessary to include the advertisement templates available on the official Canada website. If you are a 16-year-old Canadian, you can apply for your passport or submit an application for renewal.

Parents can apply for the child’s passport and provide official proof of identity. Moreover, you must provide evidence of legal guardianship or parentage along with the basic documents.

Submit the order and pay

Fees may vary depending on whether you are applying for a five-year or ten-year passport, your child’s passport or a replacement passport. Current fee information is available on the Canadian government website. You can find pay Canadian passport fees, basic services, and travel document fees

Feel free to pay the fee by American Express, MasterCard, or Visa. You can share your credit card details in the passport application. Payment can be made using a certified money order or check with the UK Postal Service or a bank. These fees are paid to the general recipient of Canada.

Mail your passport application and mail supporting documents to Gatineau QC K1A 0G3, Passport Program Canada. Remember that you are attaching the originals. It is an excellent idea to prepare your tracking details on an envelope. Make sure to use an authorized courier service. The address to the mail could be different and easy to confirm from the Canadian government official website.

Eligibility to renew a passport

To renew a Canadian passport, you will need an old Canadian passport that must be five or ten years old. It must be in perfect condition and available to be presented with your passport application. The passport must not contain a lost, damaged or stolen report. It should not expire for more than a year.

Remember, a 16-year-old Canadian citizen can hold a passport. The new passport must show the gender, name, date of birth and place of birth similar to the previous one.

Dual citizenship for a Canadian person

A dual Canadian citizen needs a Canadian passport to travel. If you want to travel to Canada within ten days, you can travel without a Canadian passport. The special authorization proves beneficial for travel without a valid passport.

A person who lives in the UK must submit an application, fees and supporting documents. If it is not possible to visit a Canadian government office to submit your application, you can submit

Related documents via email. Make sure to use a regular mail service or courier service and keep track of your mail.

Final verdict

Visit the Canadian passport website for detailed information about documents, Canadian passport photos and the application. The processing of your Canadian passport application can take some time. Remember, it may take 10-20 business days.

Express and expedited services are available to obtain an early passport. These services are available to a limited number of people. For urgent services, you will need some basic documents. Sometimes, you may get your passport on the next business day.


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